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100 Wacky Things Game | 100 Wacky Things Board Game Review

For any family looking for a game that makes your crazy gang act act even sillier, the 100 Wacky Things Game may be just the ticket. It comes 100 Wacky Things Gamewith funny props, and cards that have you doing nonsense things ‘always’ or ‘whenever.’

If you are looking to get everyone involved and laughing, this game does just that. Here is how the 100 Wacky Things Game works.

What’s Included With 100 Wacky Things Board Game

The game comes with 100 things (surprising ha!), 96 wacky cards and 4 props for play.

The props are an elephant nose, an echo microphone, a feather boa, and funny glasses.

Also, game instructions are included.

The game is for;

  • For 3 or more players
  • Ages 7 and up

The Wacky Card Types

Always, which means you do what the cards says now and then every time you have a turn.

Whenever, which means you do what the card says when something particular happens. The card will tell you what to look for.

When You Get A Wacky Things Prop, You’ll Have to;

Feather Boa – You’ll have to wear it until someone kisses someone or something

Funny Glasses – Wear them until someone stands, then tell a joke before passing them on.

Elephant Nose – Wear the Nose until you hear an animal sound, then make elephant noises before you can pass it on.

Eco Microphone – You’ll have the mic until someone in your group sings, then to pass it on, sing with them.

100 Wacky Things Game Play

To play the 100 Wacky Things game, the group decides how many rounds they will play. The props are passed out to the youngest players, and then everyone tries to touch their tongue to your nose to see who goes first.

The first player then draws a card and reads it aloud. They may have to do something silly like the Chicken Dance, make animal noises or tell a joke. They may even set off a chain reaction of events among players.

All the while, the prop cards are being passed around, and the players who get always cards have to repeat a silly action before every turn.

After a player completes their turn, they keep their card to add to their total points (each silly act has a point value).

At the end of the agreed upon rounds, the person with the most points wins the game. The fun thing about the 100 Wacky Things game is that every time will be different.

Everyone will choose a different joke, perform things in their own way, and it can be a great way for families to forget about the TV and have some fun.

Where to Buy 100 Wacky Things Game

You can buy 100 Wacky Things Game Here and get free shipping and discount pricing. The game is a great gift for family or friends, with easy to learn instructions for kids to enjoy.

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