Air Hog Hyperactives RC Review

Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro Cars | Air Hogs Hyperactives RC Review

The new Air Hogs Hyperactives RC Cars are small toy vehicles that can move fast. With a roll bar to prevent flip overs that end the fun, this remote control 5 inch car can hits speeds of 20 mph, the quickest of any toy RC vehicle.

With an easy to use trigger remote, the Air Hogs Hyperactive Pro cars provide easy play right out of the box. These cars move fast, perform stunts, and can

Air Hog Hyperactives RC Review

An impressive feature for a toy car, the 2.4 GHZ remote control unit runs without the need for channels, and is interference free. Multiple cars can run side by side without issue.

Being so small in size, Hyperactives R C cars run much better on smooth surfaces. They include 2 sets of tires depending on your surface, which are designed for indoor or outdoor use. The foam tires will be best suited for indoor use, and the rubber set outdoors to help with stunts.

Air Hogs Hyperactives RC Cars Features

  • 5 inch size
  • Indoor/Outdoor smooth surface use
  • Includes Roll Bar to prevent flips
  • Remote control houses recharging unit for car
  • 30 minutes to recharge for about 20 minutes of play, depending on speed.
  • Up to 100 foot controller range
  • Up to 20 mph speed
  • Color Options: Blue/Yellow, Metallic Blue/Silver, Red/Gold, Metallic Orange/White
  • Includes car, charger, 2 pairs of tires
  • 6AA batteries for remote
  • Age range: 12+ per manufacturer, can’t see a reason younger kids could not enjoy this though

Air Hogs Hyperactive Pro Cars Video – Commercial

Air Hogs Hyperactive Remote Control Unit

Using the RC unit with the Hyperactives is simple. It is a trigger remote, and steering with the trigger is for forward or reverse. There is a knob for left or right steering, which will move the car straight ahead, full left or full right.

To control speed, which will be important to do indoors, there is a switch to limit the speed for slow, medium or fast, as well as trigger control, where squeezing the trigger fully will result in the highest speeds.

Air Hogs Pro RC Battery Life

The Air Hogs Pro RC cars require an initial charge time of about 45 minutes and 6AA batteries to run. Recharging is done with the controller and a charging jack that plugs into the car. Expect about 30 minutes to charge a battery and an average of 20 minutes of run time.

Overall, the Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro Cars are a fun stunt toy car that can move fast, to really get the kids excited. With the wide radio range, roll bar, and extra tires, Hyperactives vehicles offer a good time both indoors & out.

Where to buy Air Hogs Hyperactives RC Cars

You can buy Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro Cars Here. Their are 4 color options to choose from, and Hyperactives RC cars make a great gift for boys on your list.


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