Air Hogs Hawk Eye Helicopter Review

 A Review of the Air Hogs Hawk Eye Helicopter

Air Hogs Hawkeye HelicopterSpinmaster has released the new Air Hogs Hawk Eye, a remote control indoor helicopter which takes pictures and videos as it flies.  

If you can recall the prior Air Hogs helicopter release, you may remember that those copters had their issues. Sure, they really were simple, but being able to control such lightweight helicopters indoors was another story. It wasn’t much fun after ten hits into the wall. Actually, by then, it didn’t work at all.

Spinmaster is aware there were issues, so they have tried to modify the Air Hog Hawk Eye to last longer, be stronger, and allow for better control, while adding some extra features. So far, so good…

Here is what the Hawk Eye Helicopter offers:

  • 5 minutes of video footage with 320×240 resolution
  • 200 plus still photos with 6540×480 resolution
  • Cameras located on the front of the motor
  • 2 channel, move up & down or left & right (throttle and direction levers)
  • Two separate remote buttons for video and photos
  • 3” rotors controlled by computer chip
  • Auto detection for stability (See below)**
  • Outer shell is shock resistant Styrofoam
  • Easy Start-up/Take off
  • IR Remote makes landing easier indoors than out (may go out of range and cut signal)
  • Free Editing software from Air Hogs website to edit footage (blend videos, add sound)
  • Recharges with USB, while footage is downloading (Requires 6 AA – Remote)
  • Ideal for backyard fun / spy shots

Auto Detection and Stability with this Camera Helicopter

The Auto Detection features on the Air Hog helicopter works via the computer chip in the rotors. When it senses instability in flight, it auto adjusts the rotors to stabilize while in flight, without you having to do anything.

Ideally, this stabilization should lead to less crashing, which should equal longer life with the Hawk Eye. Obviously, wide open areas always work best, that is a big part of the problem with in-home flying – too many obstacles! But, that is what the stabilization is all about. You will have more control, and better ability to move around those obstacles.

Here is a Great Video of the Air Hogs Hawk Eye in Action

Hawkeye Channel A vs Channel B

For all of those non-techies out there, if you are wondering why there are 2 separate channels, here is your answer. The Hawk Eye helicopter comes in those channels (A or B) only for the purpose of not interfering with the other channel. So, should you want 2 of these in your home, you would need one in each channel. That way, each controller would function independently. For gift giving into separate homes, it would not matter which you purchased. I show both channels here, but to avoid confusion, there is no actual difference in the planes themselves.

Should you Buy-Air Hogs Hawk Eye

Overall, for less than $75.00, the Air Hog Hawk Eye Helicopter offers new and improved features to overcome the problems ofCamera Helicopter by Air Hogs the past. There is no doubt that Spinmaster is making an effort to allow everyone to enjoy indoor flying. And lets face it, no gas powered engines or RC instructions to follow is tempting…

The reality is, it does require adult supervision for kids to use, and you may still have to trim it to get good take offs. But, why do you want it?

If you buy the Hawk Eye then you should buy it for fun or time with the kids – that is what it is for. Even if it does not last for years,  you will have the camera footage to keep, send to friends and relive all the fun. Maybe that alone should be enough to justify the Hawkeye purchase. For kids, there is no getting around it, this is a really good time!

You can see the Air Hogs Hawk Eye Helicopter Here and find out more

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