Air Hogs Twin Vortex Helicopter Review

Air Hogs Twin Vortex Helicopter Review | Air Hogs Twin Vortex Review | Twin Vortex Heli Review

Air Hogs Twin Vortex Helicopter ReviewThe Air Hogs Twin Vortex Helicopter allow kids to have some serious, RC powered flying fun, right in the comfort of their own living rooms. This popular RC flying toy is one of the few remote controlled helicopters that’s actually very safe and effective to operate in the home.

Each of the two largest propellers is shielded by a protective, foam ring, that prevents the craft from going down if it bumps into walls and prevents damage to anything or anyone that the helicopter might come in contact with during flight times.

One thing that parents will want to keep in mind, if they plan on buying the Air Hogs Twin Vortex Helicopter for their kids, is that this helicopter is intended for intermediate RC pilots. In other words, if your child has never flown an RC copter before, this toy may be a bit too advanced for them to start with.

The Air Hogs Twin Vortex Heli does have more power than many other indoor units, which also provides for more control. A wide open indoor area is ideally suited for this larger copter.

Air Hogs Twin Vortex Helicopter  Features

  • Remote controlled copter powered by twin propellers/motors surrounded by foam rings.
  • Slick engineering makes this helicopter look like something from a sci-fi movie.
  • Rear small propeller & motor for controlled forward movement.
  • Flaps on underside control turns.
  • 3 channel infrared remote control with throttle and steering
  • Remote charges the twin vortex helicopter with pull out cord.
  • The helicopter, remote control, extra tail propeller and removal tool are included in the box.
  • It’s powered by 6 AA batteries.
  • Size: 14 x 4.1 x 13.9 inches

 Air Hogs Twin Vortex Video Review

Air Hogs Twin Vortex Helicopter Overview

The Air Hogs Twin Vortex Helicopter is an impressive toy, even by advanced RC flying standards. No, it doesn’t fly with the precision or power of thousand dollar RC helicopters, but its advanced controls and responsive flying makes this a helicopter that even adults will get a kick out of flying.

Remember, though, that this isn’t a toy for uninitiated RC pilots. Even though it is a very affordable RC copter, it still takes a bit of skill and some serious practice time for kids to get proficient at flying this toy around the house. But the fact that kids can actually fly this helicopter safely indoors, does make the concept of learning to fly the Air Hogs Twin Vortex Helicopter much more realistic than learning how to fly a large, outdoor-only model that costs hundreds of dollars more than this toy.

If you or your kids have a bit of experience in flying RC helicopters or planes, the Air Hogs Twin Vortex Helicopter will provide lots of fun, indoor flying time. People who have not flown RC aircraft before shouldn’t be intimidated by this toy, though, as a bit of practice and a whole lot of patience will pay off once kids get the hang of the controls and skills necessary to have fun with the Air Hogs Twin Vortex Helicopter.

Where to buy Twin Vortex Heli

You can buy Air Hogs Twin Vortex Heli Here. It is a great gift for indoor flying fun at a reasonable price.

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