Alphie Learning Robot Toy Review

Playskool Alphie Toy Robot

Playskool Alphie Robot ToyThe Alphie Learning Robot Toy for kids is an interactive robot that not only looks cute, but is educational for your child. And why wouldn’t a child love playing with a robot, even when it means learning!

 It is like preschool, right in your home. There is vocabulary, letter sounds, shapes,  matching and math skills, all made fun with the use of a simple toy robot.

Recommended for children ages 3 and up, Alphie really can help children develop a fundamental foundation for success in school when used regularly.

You may remember the Playskool Alphie Toy Robot from when you were a kids, and it’s funny how some things never go out of style. Most often, that is because they work.

Alphie has eyes that are animated and ever changing in an LCD screen, an interactive robot voice, buttons that light up, he sings and music plays, all while teaching kids, at home or on the go.

The Learning Robot interacts directly with kids, taking a break once in a while to have them scratch an itch for him. This toy robot is fully portable, and even has a handy storage area on his back.

How do Kids Play with Alphie The Robot?

alphie toy robotTo play with Alphie, simply insert a card into his front slot. Alphie will ask questions, and kids simply push the button that corresponds to the correct answer.

If they get it right, he gives positive feedback. If they get it wrong, he encourages them to try again.

What Does the Alphie Learning Robot Toy Come With?

  1. Alphie himself, animated robot which has an animated grin, a large display pane for his LCD eyes above that smile, many colorful buttons on his chest, and a convenient carry handle.
  2. A pack of 30 two sided starter cards-Over 350 questions to get you started
  3. 3AA Batteries (included)

You can purchase additional booster packs to play. They are inexpensive, and round out the learning experience for kids.

The Best Age For Playskool Alphie

Alphie the toy robot is designed for kids three and older, but of course younger children will want to give it a try as well. With the Playskool robot learning system being very interactive, young children will love to watch and listen. Toddlers with adult help can get an early start. He is lightweight, at only 3 pounds and comes with a carrying handle, so even small children can lift him with ease.

Playskool Alphie Booster Packs/Cards – Letters and Numbers

If you would like to add more fun to this toy, Playskool has released two booster packs that give an additional 25 double sided cardsalphie toy robot booster packs each, for a total of 300 questions. These sets are available in Letters, which helps to strengthen their knowledge of the alphabet, sounding out letters, recognizing letters and simple words, and rhyming.

The numbers card set includes counting up to 20 and counting objects, basic understanding of money, and more simple number concepts.

You can see the Alphie Card Booster Sets Here

The One Downside of Alphie the Robot

He is a fun toy, so there are not many complaints. Biggest ones were that the cards are made of paper, and so they will wear faster. Of course, they are not expensive, but it would be nice if they were sturdier. But that being the biggest complaint, Alphie still comes in as a great educational learning toy for a low price.

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