Angry Birds Board Game Review | Knock on Wood Game

Angry Birds Board Game Review | Knock on Wood Game from Mattel

The New Angry Birds Board Game – Knock on Wood by Mattel, which is the first Angry Birds board game, is out, and if you have fans of the app angry birds board game reviewin your home, you just might want to give the board game a try.  The concept behind the Knock on Wood Game is the same as the App…Destructive Fun between bird and pig. Only this time, it will be right in your living room. This Angry Birds Board Game review will tell you all about the game.

Who is the Knock on Wood Board Game Best For?

This game is for kids 5 to 9 and family play. A big part of the game is building towers to match the cards, so very young kids may find that a bit too challenging. Also, it helps to have some developed motor skills, for placing the pigs amongst the blocks and aiming the bird at the tower.

Because the Angry Birds new board game revolves around building and knocking over blocks, boys may appreciate it just a little more.


How to Play Angry Birds Board Game

The new Angry Birds game is for 2-4 players, and it is a simple concept. Your angry birds are mad at the pigs, who try to steal their eggs.  You pick a mission card and build the block strucure that is shown on the card. See an example above. You build the block design to match the card and add the pigs.

Then, your opponent will try to knock your pieces down, to earn points. To mix it up, they include free build cards, which allows you to design your own blocks & pig tower. The first one to get 1000 points wins the game.knock on wood board game

What’s Included with The Knock On Wood Board Game

  • 3 Angry Birds ( black, red, yellow)
  • 4 Pigs (green)
  • Bonus Points – Egg/Star
  • Various Blocks
  • Point Cards and Mission Cards
  • Slingshot

Should you Buy Angry Birds Family Game?

The game is lots of fun, and has it’s pro’s and con’s. The game is easy to understand, for adults and kids, and the play is simple. Where it may be lacking in educational value, it makes up for in entertainment! Build, destroy, no set up, no hours removing pieces from twist tie packaging….just open box, start playing.

It’s a simple, fun and interactive game that the whole family will have fun with. If you get bored with the towers built with the cards, simply play your Knock on Wood Family board game using your own creations. So, for kids or parents who are fans of the app, it’s a great way to take the pigs down right in your living room.

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