Baby Monitors for the Hearing Impaired

Baby Monitors for the Hearing Impaired | Hearing Impaired Baby Monitor

Having a baby in the house is great, but if you are hearing impaired, there are additional challenges. Hearing impaired baby monitors can Baby Monitor for the hearing impairedhelp you to know when your baby needs you, whether day or night. I am not sure why more companies are not making baby monitors specifically to meet the needs of those with hearing loss, but in my research, I found an interesting solution.

Having a sister with hearing loss who recently became a new mom, I found an answer for her that has been working well. We invested in a Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with a receiver (see both to the right) and a Sonic Baby Sitter. She places the baby sitter in her daughters room, and can set the alarm clock to vibrate or turn a light on. You do have to purchase both pieces for this baby monitor to work.

Light Up or Vibrating Baby Monitors for Hearing Impaired

Although there are vibrating baby monitors, for the hearing impaired the addition of the sonic boom clock that also has a 12 volt bed shaker was a great way to wake without needing your hearing. The baby monitor can also awaken you with a light, which you plug into the receiver.

The alarm clock itself offers 3 ways to awaken, a loud pulsating audio alarm, flashing lights, or shaking the bed with the bed shaker, so you can pick what works best for you. You can adjust the volume and tone to your specific hearing loss needs. Although it is not fully portable like some units, it works well at night, when you are most likely to sleep through your babies cries.

Low Cost Hearing Loss Baby Monitor

All in all, it was an unusual solution to her problem, that is working out well for her. In total, we spent about $100, which is pretty average for a monitor anyway, and she does now have the alarm for daily wake up too. Far from a perfect solution, it was one way to put together your own baby monitor for the hearing impaired, when most companies are not looking for a better solution.

Reviews on the Sonic Boom Clock and Baby Monitor

Amazon is offering free shipping on the clock, you do have to purchase the baby monitor separately. You can see the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock and Receiver as well as the Hearing Impaired Baby Monitor to see if it is a set-up that will work for you.



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