Barbie Princess Blair Doll Transforming 3 in 1

Barbie Princess Charm School Blair Doll Transforming 3 in 1 Review

With the release of the Barbie Charm School Movie, comes the release of the dolls. The star of the movie, Blair Willows, is the feature of this new Barbie Princess Charm School Blair Doll Transforming 3 in 1 Reviewdoll. The new Barbie Princess Charm School Transforming Blair Doll is a 3 in 1 doll, and she includes 3 different looks. She has one outfit and one snap on school girl shirt. She is available as a Caucasian or African American Doll.

The Blair transforming Barbie changes from a school girl to a party girl to a princess. The big question is…

How Smoothly does the Barbie Blair Transforming Knob Work?

We have all seen our little girls saddened by toys that fail to work. So, before you spend anything on Blair, you’ll be happy to know that her transforming dress is pretty simple.

The Barbie Blair transforming doll has a turning knob, that you simple twist to lift the dress up as high as you like. You can twist it until it can no longer be seen, or leave it hanging just below the overlay skirt.

When she is ready to have the dress long again, simply press a button so see it fall quickly. A nice and easy transformation. Crank to wind to rise the dress, button to press to make it fall. I don’t think this would be too hard for little girls.

Barbie Transforming Blair Doll Clothing

Barbie Charm School Blair  African American DollThe Barbie Transforming Blair Doll comes with a pretty pink princess dress, with necklace, crown and shoes (all in pink) and a lighter pink overlay skirt. She also has the snap on school uniform plate, which snaps on to her chest. It is not a full piece, so it can only be seen in the front, but it does blend in well with the top of her dress. It also will stay in place well.

Because the Barbie Blair 3 in 1 doll is transforming, her dress does not come off. The dress is very nice, but some little girls would be disappointed if they did not know that up front. This is how it works with most transforming dolls.

Barbie’s arm are in a permanent position bending only at the shoulders, as they normally are, but her legs do bend for posing.

Barbie Princess Blair Doll 3 in 1 Video Review

Features of the Barbie Transforming Blair doll

  • Barbie Princess Charm School Star Blair
  • Princess Blair shows off her three fashionable looks
  • School uniform top clips into place
  • Short party dress transforms into a long ball gown
  • Easy turn knob and button transformation
  • Comes with doll and clip-on school uniform outfit

Buy Barbie Princess Blair Transforming Doll

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