The Barbie Video Girl Doll Review

Barbie Video Doll: Will It Make Your Princess Happy?


      barbie video girl doll review    If you have a little girl who is dreaming of becoming a famous movie director one day, then this Barbie Video Girl Doll review is most certainly for you and little princess. The Barbie Video Girl Doll is a perfect way for your little girl to capture those precious moments on video, while at the same time never letting go of her girly side.

The Barbie Video Girl Doll Review: A Quick Glimpse


          On the outset, the Barbie Video Girl Doll looks like your typical Barbie—pretty, pink and girly. But look at the back and you will see just what makes her so unique. Perfect for girls aged 6 and above, the Barbie Video Girl Doll comes well equipped with a handy camcorder, perfect for taking mini snippets of video footage for memories that your little girl can proudly look back on with a smile. The video resolution is crisp and clear at 320 x 240 resolution at 15 fps (frames per second)–a good number for a camcorder so tiny. Compatible with both Mac and PC, you can upload and edit your Barbie footage via Windows Media Player, Final Cut Pro or iMovie.

           While it holds no space yet for a USB card slot (it IS a small Barbie, after all), the Barbie Video Girl Doll can accommodate a disk space of 256 MB—just enough to take all the important footage a little girl needs to keep her happy. The Barbie Video Girl Doll video editing software is especially designed for the little girl as well, with additional features and special effect options that will really make it look like a Barbie-inspired video.

Barbie Video Girl: Brunette, Blond, and African American

Available in all three styles, to make sure she has just the style she really likes. You can view all three dolls below:

Barbie Video Girl Blond    Barbie Video Gril Brunette   Barbie Video Girl African American

Barbie Video Girl Doll Review Video


The Barbie Video Girl Doll Review: The Pros

           Just what is so great about the Barbie Video Girl Doll? This is what this Barbie Video Girl Doll review says:

  • It’s compact and easy to use, with unique and girly Barbie branding proven attractive to all girls who love the iconic doll
  • Its neat camcorder feature is strategically and conveniently stored at Barbie’s back
  • It holds 256 MB of internal storage, which is just enough disk space for a little girl who likes to take video footage of a typical day in her life
  • The Barbie Video Girl Doll editing software contains unique and special features especially fit for the Barbie-loving little princess
  • The software is compatible with Windows and Mac

The Barbie Video Girl Doll Review: The Cons


          There is actually only one major downside to the Barbie Video Girl Doll—it doesn’t hold any additional slots for a USB drive. Ifbarbie video dolls brunette black blond the doll happens to fall into the hands of a girl who has a real passion and zest for taking videos and can’t get enough of using the Barbie Video Girl Doll, she would have to make do with the limited internal disk space included in the package.

The Final Verdict on Video Girl Barbie

          So what can we say about the Barbie Video Girl Doll? It is certainly one of the unique presents worth giving to any little girl who appreciates life’s little yet special moments. You can see all of the Barbie doll Video Girls Here.

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