Battery Eliminator for Snap Circuits

Battery Eliminator for Snap Circuits | Snap Circuits Battery Eliminator

battery eliminator for snap circuitsThe Battery Eliminator for Snap Circuits education kits does just what it says it will so, eliminates the need for the batteries in the kits and components. It is a very cost effective way to save if your child loves to create science project experiments, and you want to ease up on the replacement battery cost.

This way, they can play all they want, because with a fun educational toy like this, you want them to.

Makes Snap Circuit Kits Battery Free

With rechargeable batteries, someone has to remember to charge them, and with kids, that usually means you need to remember. So, this helps end that worry as well. And, this battery eliminator pays for itself in no time.

How to Use the Snap Circuits Battery Eliminator

To use the battery eliminator, simply snap it in place onto the Snap Circuit board. Of course, only in the areas where they will need battery power.

Battery Eliminator for Snap Circuits – What Does it Work With

This battery eliminator kit works with all version of Elenco Electronics products including Snap Circuits, Snaptricity and Snap Kits. It produces a total of THREE current outputs: 1.5, 3.0, 4.5 volts.

  • SC-100
  • SC-300
  • SC-500
  • SC-750
  • SCBE-75
  • SCP-01
  • SCP-02
  • SCP-03
  • SCP-04
  • SCP-06
  • SCP-08
  • SC-750R
  • SC-500R
  • SC-300R
  • SC-100R
  • SCM-450
  • SCM-400

If your kids love the Snap Circuit electronic projects, I highly recommend you get this add-on. You’ll be glad you did. You can buy the Battery Eliminator for Snap Circuits Online Here

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