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Bigfoot The Monster – Fisher Price Imaginex

bigfoot the monster toyBigfoot is coming to your home, but don’t be scared. The Bigfoot the Monster toy is one of the year’s hottest selling toys. This toy is for any child between the ages of three and eight, although younger kids would be more entertained.

It is made by Fisher Price Imaginex and is not your typical toy. At over a foot tall (plus arms), this Bigfoot monster will actually put a smile on their face.  He offers hours of play time, with a set-up time of only minutes, perfect for Christmas morning.

There is a wireless remote control that comes with the Bigfoot the Monster. You can make your monster angry, happy, sleepy, and sad. If you press his tummy, he will laugh for you. This toy can walk, chew, talk, throw a ball, and for the boys, he can even burp.

Here is what Bigfoot does with the picture coded remote:

Make Bigfoot Happy – He laughs

Make the Monster Angry -He roars and pounds his fistsbigfoot the monster toy remote

Sleepy Time for Bigfoot – Bigfoot sleeps and dreams. He snores loudly while sleeping

Monster fun – Makes funny sounds and raps

Bigfoot Plays ball – He will roll the ball to you

Monster Exercise Time – Bigfoot lifts weights, but may get tired and stop saying “no more”

Buttons On  Bigfoot the Monster Toy for More Fun

Aside from the remote, Imaginex Bigfoot the monster also has a button that makes him laugh. Also a button in his mouth makes him chew and even burp. Thankfully, he does say excuse me when he burps.

His expressions change as he plays, and he can say over 30 different phrases, always making for a unique play experience. He has his own little personality built right into that big toy monster.

Here is what you get with the Imaginex Bigfoot;

  • Wireless Remote with big ‘no-read’ buttons and a switch (buttons have pictures instead) 
  • A red ball
  • A Leaf to feed the Monster
  • 7.2V Ni-MH rechargeable battery,  includes charger
  • Instructions

 Another great thing about this toy is that you do not have to supervise the play time. The toy is easy for the kids to work. The buttons on the Bigfoot monster tell them what he wants to do.

Fisher Price Bigfoot Toy Video

How Big is Bigfoot the Monster?

Product in Inches (L x W x H): 6.5 x 14.5 x 12.3

What Batteries does Bigfoot the Monster Use?

You will get rechargable Batteries for Bigfoot and a charger. They are 7.2V Ni-MH. You also need Batteries for the remote, which you supply – 2 AA .

What is the Appropriate Age Range for the Fisher Price Bigfoot?

The product says an age range of 4-8. This monster does very silly things, and ideally appeals to kids 6 and under. Although older kids would still enjoy it, I think it would not hold their interest as well.

What kind of Floors can I use Bigfoot On?

Carpeted surfaces work best, because his body is big, he rolls and tumbles around, and that is easier on carpet. He will move on hardwood or laminate, but it will be loud and may even damage the floor. I’d say carpet is ideal.

A buyer Review of the Fisher Price Bigfoot the Monster Toy:

By SBC, Ohio

5 out of 5
5 out of 5
So much fun!, 
I brought home this Bigfoot and my kids love him! The remote control is easy to use. He does many cool things like a headstand or somersault. I really like that the battery is rechargeable.  This is a fun toy, I highly recommend it!
You can see more Buyer Reviews by visiting Bigfoot the Monster Toy Here.

So if you were undecided about what to get the kids for Christmas or for a birthday now you know. As with any gift around the holidays, if you are considering it, don’t wait. If it is a sell-out, it will be very hard to find.

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