Bizu Style Studio Review | Bizu TV Style Studio

Bizu Style Studio Review | Bizu TV Style Studio | Bizu Beads Toy

The Bizu Style Studio is a tower to hold, organize and dispense Bizu beads. With an easy twist and click method to release the beads, girls can Bizu Style Studio Reviewget creative or use Bizu templates to create fun designs to wear as jewelry or accessories for clothing, backpacks, or purses.

She can easily create fun animal styles using the unique Bizu beads and elastic string.

How Do You Use Bizu Style Studio

The Bizu toy bead set comes with special Bizu animal template cards, which tell girls exactly where the bead goes.

The benefit of the Style Studio toy is that kids can line up the pieces they want to use to the template, or even just choose pieces randomly and all the pieces will be organized.

The template can attach to the side of the Studio, with the pieces from the template lined up and in order, so girls have no problem following along.

Here’s How She’ll Use The Bizu TV Style Studio

In the Bizu Style Studio;

  1. Top Row = Heads
  2. 2nd Row = Arms & Charms
  3. 3rd Row = Bodies
  4. 4th Row = Legs/Tails

She can just twist each row to show the piece she wants and press the top to have them all come down the chute. Now, her pieces are ready to go onto the elastic.

A great feature of the Bizu Sets is how easy they are to attach to the elastic. The solid beading tool holds the elastic in place, so she can string the pieces right on.

How to Use Bizu Style Studio Video

Bizu Style Studio – Whats included

  • Bizu Style Studio set that rotates with beading tool for easy attachment of beads to string
  • 40 beads included, heads, arms, charms, bodies and legs/tails
  • All beads to make a Cat, Lamb, Panther, and Horse
  • 8 extra beads for mix/match
  • 4 Animal templates for girls to follow
  • 4 elastic bracelets with clasps attached
  • 2 accessory attachments (keychain style)
  • Bizu extra bead sets available to buy (50+ animals available)
  • 4 themes for animals – Rock, Wild, Funky, & Glam
  • No Batteries / For Kids 6+

The neat thing about these beads is how they can easily transform into cute animal shapes. To do this, you need to twist them into place. At first, she’ll need to practice this a few times, but it is really easy and she’ll master it in no time.

When she wants it to be a bracelet again, she can simply pull both ends.

Twist Bizu Beads Into Animals & Bracelets Video

Where to Buy Bizu Style Studio

You can buy Bizu Style Studio with free shipping here. This makes a nice gift for young girls who will enjoy making, wearing, giving and trading these cute and unique beads sets. With such a simple method to string the beads, kids will really enjoy it.

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