Bop It XT Review

Bop It XT Review | Hasbro Bop It XT Game

The Bop It XT Game by Hasbro is out, with 4 games and 4 levels of play, so experienced Bop It lovers and new comers too can enjoy moving and trying to keep Bop It XT Reviewup.

This handheld toy screams out commands~ Bop It, Twist It, Pull It, Flick It, Spin It, or Shake It ~ your job is to follow them without getting confused or hesitating. This game is a great test of memory and hand-eye coordination.

This version includes adjustable volume and a headphone jack, so only the player has to hear the commands, which can become annoying to others!

Playing Bop It XT

Gameplay with the Bop It XT game starts with Novice level. A computer animated voice gives you commands, and if you follow along, the game starts to speed up every time you get 20 more points.

Hitting a score of 100 jumps you to Expert level, which gives voice and sound commands.

Once you get 100 points at the Expert level, you move on to the Master level, and will get voice, sound and color commands. If you can complete 18 of these commands, you move on to the final level, which is Pro level.

At this final level of Bop It XT, the Pro level, you will need to conquer 3 commands at once. If you win at pro level, you have successfully ‘beat Bop It.’

Bop It XT – How to Change Levels

If you want to get from Novice to Expert mode in Bop It XT, you have to beat Novice, by scoring 100 points. Until you do that, you cannot move to a new level in the game.

Bop It XT Video Review

Features of Bop It XT Game

  • 4 difficulty levels – Novice, Expert, Master & Pro
  • 4 Games – Solo, Pass It, Party & One-on-One
  • Adjustable volume levels (Quiet, Loud, Blasting)
  • Headphone jack for quiet play
  • Multiplayer modes or Single
  • Game keeps top score so you can try to beat it
  • Plays music and animated voice has funny phrases
  • Sleep mode to save batteries
  • 3 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • Ages 8+

Overall, Bop It XT is a fun game the whole family will enjoy. It tests your memory and coordination, which we all need to work on. For some, getting beyond novice will take time.

In the end, you can’t know until you try, and experts agree that if you want to improve your memory and brain function, using it is the best method. Simple games like Bop It XT, can really help!

Where to buy Bop It XT

You can Buy Bop It XT Here with free shipping and a discount price. For families looking for a fun and simple game, that can be played together or alone, the Bop It XT game is a great choice.

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