Breast Milk Baby Review | Breast Milk Feeding Baby Doll

Breast Milk Baby Review | Breast Milk Feeding Baby Doll

The Breast Milk Baby is here, a unique idea to bring out a child’s natural desire to nurture and care for their dolls. The Breast Milk Feeding Breast Milk Feeding Baby DollBaby doll will not be without controversy in the US, but in the end, only a mother can decide if it is right for her child.

Being a mother myself, I found it a simple concept that likely happens anyway. My daughter was 4 when her sister came along. She mimicked breastfeeding often because she saw me do it. It did not force her to grow up too soon, and no one who saw it found it disgusting. it was just a natural action at the time, and I was touched.

Kids just want to do what you are doing, and I believe it is natural for boys or girls to want to experience and understand breastfeeding. If, as a parent, you’d like them to experience it with you, this doll is a great option.

And, it is hard to argue how it will promote their understanding of natural milk as a function of our bodies and the way a baby should be feed, especially in a society where bottle fed dolls are everywhere.

How The Breast Milk Baby Doll WorksBreast feeding baby doll

In order for the Breast Milk Baby to mimic feeding, the child wears a halter top with two large flowers, which serve to symbolize the location of the breasts. There is a sensor in the baby dolls mouth, which is activated as it is pulled toward the flowers.

The baby will then start to make sucking sounds as well as mimic the look of a real baby sucking.

As with all babies, when the doll is done eating, she needs to burp. The baby begins to cry and fuss. Your child can pat the doll gently until she burps (yes, she does make a burping sound), and completes the normal routine of feeding an infant.

Breast Milk Feeding Dolls Available

Breast Milk Feeding DollsBreast Milk Feeding Baby Doll Commercial

(This does show Actual Breast Feeding – Do Not View if that offends you)

Final Thoughts on the Breast Milk Feeding Doll

So, overall, the choice to use a doll such as the Breast Milk Baby Doll is yours. There is no doubt it is a natural process and if you are nursing a child in your home, your kids want to know about it.

How much you choose to share with them, is your choice alone. And that is the beauty of it all, for anyone who agrees or disagrees, so be it!

Where to Buy Breast Milk Baby Doll

You can buy Breast Milk Baby Dolls Here.  I found better pricing on the Savannah doll because the shipping is higher when buying from the companies website, but you can also check directly at their website for the breast milk dolls. It is

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