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Kids Bridgecraft Drums Review – Bridgecraft 3 Piece Drums DRM316-16 Inches

A great gift for kids from 3 to 8, Bridgecraft 3 Piece Drums are the perfect necessity for your child and wonderful music in your ears. These Bridgecraft 3 piece drum set redkids Bridgecraft drums are 16 inches and come in a variety of spectacular eye popping metallic colors such as blue, red, silver, and black. The size of this beginner drum set is right to grow with them as they go from just making noise to making music.

This Bridgecraft junior drumset is not a toy, it is for kids who want the real thing. It is a limited set including bass, snare, high tom, and a cymbal, so it is a great drum set for children learning to play. It also includes real heads that are tunable, so any child learning to play could use this set.

But before you consider buying the DRM-316 Drum set, you might want to learn a little more about it. So read the following sections to learn about the parts, height, weight, and much more!


Features of the DeRosa Bridgecraft 3 Piece Kids Drum Set

  • High Quality Material – Made with real wood shells and chrome hardware, it is designed to take a beating
  • Junior Sized for 3-8 year olds
  • Height Adjustable – The stand and stool are adjustable
  • Fully Tunable top and bottom heads.
  • Metallic Colors for a pro-like look and feel.
  • Full 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Movable and non scratching – safe for floors
  • Small and Portable – Doesn’t take up a lot of space and you can store it almost anywhere
  • Item weight: 31 pounds.


Full overview of the DeRosa Bridgecraft Drums

The Bridgecraft 3 piece drums feature wood shells made of real birch, top and bottom heads that are fully tunable and plated metal hardware!


Sizing of the Bridgecraft Childs Drum

Snare drum & Tom – both 10.5″ with 8 tuning rods plus 4 lugs each.

Bass Drum is 16″ & has 12 tuning rods and lugs

The bright metalic colors are inlaid on the rims

Brigecraft 3 Piece Kids Drums – Whats Included

Everything in the DRM 316 box: A tilting cymbal stand and brass cymbal, snare drum stand, and adustable drum stool, the bass drum pedal is spring-loaded, drum sticks and lastly the tuning key!

Bridgecraft 3 Piece Kids Drums – Buyer Review

Bought these drums in blue metallic for my 4 year old for Christmas and he absolutely loves them. His 19 month old brother loves them too. We bought an extra set of drumsticks so they can actually play together. The boys can expend some energy and create music …….you can read more reviews of the Bridgecraft 3 Piece Drum Set Here.


Kids Bridgecraft Drums Review – Cons of this Junior Set

For the Bridgecraft 3 piece drumset, there were only a few negatives but they would be important to know. One complaint given by a reviewer was that sometimes when he pushed down on the kick drum pedal it was stiff. This was an uncommon problem, from one one reviewer. Another comment given by many reviewers was that they did not receive directions with their order. A copy of these can be found below.


DeRosa Bridgecraft DRM-316 Assembly Instructions

Sometimes, it can be difficult to hunt down the instruction manual. If you should miss these in your order, you can find the DRM-316 Assembly Instructions Here.


Buy Bridgecraft 3 Piece Kids Drums

We recommend Amazon for a safe purchase and fast free delivery of the Bridgecraft 3 piece kids drums Here.

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