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The Magic School Bus Microscope Lab Review

The Magic School Bus Microscope Lab Review of the Magic School Bus Microscope Kit is a kids science kit with microscope that children will enjoy learning with. This kit includes a kids microscope and all the activities to have fun with science.

Hexbug Hive Habitat Set Review

Hexbug Hive Habitat Set is a fully portable and fold-able playset. The Hexbug Nano Hive set includes pieces to build your own maze, then store the pieces inside. You can read our full Hexbug Nano Hive Review Here.

What Is A Snap Circuit Kit

What Is A Snap Circuit Kit? A fun electronic kit for kids, that allow them to build science experiments at home, and safely. Molded in plastic, no soldering, just plain fun. Find out more about what makes snap circuits great for kids here.

Snap Circuits 300 Review

Snap Circuits 300 Review – The electronic Snap Circuits for kids that allow your children to enjoy an electrical circuit toy that is safe and fun, as well as educational. For a discount price and free shipping on the Snap Circuits 300-in-1, check Here.

Snap Circuits Green Kit

Snap Circuits Green Review-Alternative energy and great educational fun come together for the family in this science kit. Your kids will be amazed at the projects they can create.

Snap Circuits Rover Review

Snap Circuits Rover review of the Snap Circuits RC Car, Rover Deluxe and upgrade kit. Find out how your kids can make their own remote controlled electric circuit board car.

Battery Eliminator for Snap Circuits

Battery Eliminator for Snap Circuits science kits is a simple and cheap solution to eliminate batteries from these educational science kits. They can have all the fun with their snap circuit kits, and you can save money.

Snap Circuits 750 Review

Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 review of the Snap Circuits Extreme kit with computer interface. Allow your kids to build and create electrical circuits will easy instructions. Have fun learning science with Snap Circuits 750 in 1 kit.