Compare Vtech Mobigo vs ixl by Fisher Price

Mobigo vs ixl

Ah, competition. It is the lifeblood of any good product. Without it, what is the incentive to continue being the best you can be? Well, Fisher Price and Vtech know what competition is, and are heading it off with these educational computers for kids.

 Both gaming systems have good and bad features, and both are appealing to children from preschool to 3rd grade. The Fisher Price ixl, which offers 6 feature options, may win for cleverness, though. For about the same price, IXL games come with not only games, but an ebook, art options, and themed skins. The IXL also has an expandable memory slot, and can double as a MP3 and picture holder. But, all games have to be loaded, via software, on the Fisher Price toy.

Mobigo Learning Computer for Kids

Fisher Price ixl Learning Center for Kids

If tech is not your thing, Mobigo offers simple cartridges. And if your child will not use the MP3 or pictures, the Mobigo is cheaper to start out.

 But, the features of these gaming systems that may work best for you can be hard to dig up. So, here is a side by side comparison, which we help will aid in your decision making for your child.

Mobigo vs IXL


 Mobigo (Vtech)

MobiGoTouch Learning System

 IXL (Fischer Price)

Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System (Blue)

 Price (Retail)  $55  $80
 Games included in box  6 in one Cartridge  6 activites to start
 Games-Cost  $20-$25  $20-$30

 Number of Additional Games you can buy


 8 (load on- no cartridge to lose)
 Memory  30mb  expandable to 16gb/ Huge
 Screen Resolution  320×240  320×240
 Touch Screen  Yes  Yes


 Full QWERTY  No
Stylus  No  Yes
USB  Yes  Yes
Headphone Jack  Yes  Yes
ebook reader  No  Yes – games include
Drawing Notepad No Yes
Digital Art Book No Yes- games include
MP3 Player No Yes- load own songs
 Photo Viewer  No  Yes- load own photos
 Memory Card Slot for Storage  No  Yes 16gb
Accessories Included No No
Progress Tracking Yes-online No
Best for ages 3-7 3-7
Average Review Ratings   (4.5/5)   (4/5)
Most Common Complaints  Games selection low and limited memory  Games less robust and does not help to learn letters

In the end, it really depends on what level your child is at. For those who want more features, the ixl by Fisher Price wins out, but may be less strong for preschoolers needing to learn letters and numbers. Both offer out of the box options, games and usability, so that is a huge plus for both of these educational learning systems. A great way to decide is to read reviews from other purchasers. Here are links to do that.

Buyer Reviews of the Mobigo by Vtech

Buyer Reviews of the ixl by Fisher Price

Reading other purchaser reviews can often help you find out about the real benefits and problems with a product.

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