Compare Vtech Mobigo vs Leapster Explorer Learning Computers

Mobigo vs Explorer

With the recent release of the Vtech Mobigo and Leapster Explorer handheld game consoles, there is some confusion as to the difference between these educational computers for kids. With the cost of the system, and the additonal price of game cartridges, you want to be sure you make the right choice.

You can also get more details about these systems via the following links;

Vtech Mobigo Learning Game System

Leapster Explorer Learning Game System

 It will be an investment, but these electronic kids computers can make learning fun, teach your child independent thinking, and introduce them to the technology they will be using in the future. Here is a breakdown of the main features of these two computers, including how buyers reviewed them on Amazon.

Here is a comparison of these electronic learning toys;

 Vtech Mobigo vs Leapster Explorer
 Features Mobigo   vtech mobigo Explorer  leapster explorer

Retail Price

$54.95 $69.95

Number of Games Included

 6 (1 cartridge)  1 (download)

Cost of Additional Games

$20-$25  $20-$25

Online Free Games

Yes-Limited   No-$7-$15 for Apps. (leaplets)

Number of Games Available to Buy

 11  14 (plus leaplets)


 30mb (few games only can be stored)  512MB (each game appr. 7 mb-great storage)

Screen Resolution

 320×240  420×420

Touch Screen

 Yes  Yes


Yes-  QWERTY keyboard & directional cursors  NO – Direction Cursor Only

Stylus Pen


USB Connector

Yes Yes


 4 x AA (not included) or 9v plug (not included) 4 x AA (not included)


 No  Yes- Paid Download Apps

Built in Camera

 NO  Expansion slot available to buy ($25)

Accessories Included

 None  None

Progress Tracking

 Yes- Online  Yes- Online

Best for Ages

 3-7  3-7

Average Review Ratings

(4.5/5) (4/5)

 Common Complaints

 Few Game Options/ Low Memory for Free Games  No Games to start / Marketing to kids/ Not compatable with prior models

Overall, both game systems are similar, but one major turnoff with the Leapster explorer was the marketing when the unit is turned on and the fact that only one free game is included. And, even the free game has to be downloaded, so, out of the box, not so perfect.  

Although, in the end, it is never the free games your kids will like and learn from, and you get a better selection of games and options from the Explorer, but at a price!

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I like the fact that the Mobigo has the touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard. They do not have to use it, but a great option to expose them to it. They start on the computer in preschool now, so early exposure is great. And, what kid would not be wooed by a slide out keyboard and a touch screen!

Overall, they both are great, albiet imperfect, kids computer systems.

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