Cybex 750AT Review

Cybex 750AT Review | Cybex 750AT Arc Trainer Review

If you want the best results from your fitness equipment, the Total Body Arc Trainer helps you achieve it. The Cybex 750at Arc Trainer supplies a cybec 750at reviewtotal body cardio workout, combining the fitness elements of climbing, skiing, and hiking, all in one complete package.

The Cybex 750 excels by using your major muscles in every workout, whether inclined or not. The result is maximum calorie burn that’s gentle on your body. It  makes optimal use of your fitness time, and burns more calories than any other trainer on the market.

Total Body ARC 750 Proven to:

Improve Lower Body Power
Improve Endurance
Burn More Calories
Lower Exertion Rates than Elliptical

The Cybex 750at Total Body Arc is ideal for commercial use, offering the benefits of several pieces of fitness equipment in one steamlined unit, and designed for the demands of continual use.

For residential users, this is home gym equipment that provides maximum results – proven to burn maximum calories with minimum pressure on the joints (see study below). This is especially beneficial for maintaining maximum fitness as you age, while eliminating back and knee pain.

Best of all, there is no need for a treadmill, exercise bike, stepper or elliptical machine, you can get a complete cardiovascular routine with one piece of fitness equipment using the total body arc trainer 750 at. You can see the 750at arc trainer-Free Shipping & $1200 discount Here.

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Cybex 750at Total Body Arc Trainer – Maximum Calorie Burn

Staying in shape and maintaining a fitness level is not always easy. Between heat, cold or wet weather, outdoor exercise conditions are often less than ideal. The Cybex 750at trainer is proven to burn more calories than any other piece of equipment on the market. By using Reverse Arc technology, the total body trainer gives you maximum intensity workouts by working your quads and glutes. This helps you to not only stay toned, but also burn maximum calories by engaging these muscles naturally, making each workout a maximum intensity session.

A study was done by the University of Wisconsin La Crosse on 3 high end popular fitness machine models (Cybex 750at, Precor EMT, and Precor AMT) to show how the Cybex 750 total body arc trainer performed against other ellipticals. Although the control group was small, the results indicated that all 3 machines had similar perceived excertion levels, yet the calories burned using the Cybex 750 was as much as 16% more in the same period of exercise. You can read the full study at Cybex Here.

Features of the Cybex 750AT Arc Trainer

  • High Quality Commercial Grade
  • Workout is load dependent – this arc trainer scales workout based on weight so anyone can achieve the perfect workout
  • Three Positions (like 3 fitness machines in 1): Glide (ski machine), Stride (elliptical trainer) & Climb (stepper)
  • Reverse Arc motion prevents stress on the joints by keeping body in proper alignment
  • Full range of motion for hips and knees without stresscybex 750at trainer
  • Workout is based on long, natural strides
  • Specific targeting of muscle groups at any fitness level
  • Maximum benefit using quads and glutes for high calorie burn
  • Same Side Forward – Arms and legs on one side mover together to prevent back pain and stress
  • Same Side Forward gives body optimal posture
  • Long input arms – maximizes upper body workout and posture
  • Programs – 8 Preset, 9 Custom, 2 Advanced, with Heart Rate control
  • Preset Programs-Weight Loss, Hills, Hill Interval, Pikes Peak, Interval 1:1, Interval 1:2, Strength, Cardio
  • Split level monitor display
  • Optional TV can be added to monitor (not included)
  • 400-pound capacity; measures 36.75 x 62.5 x 77 inches (W x H x D); 10-year frame warranty

Cybex 750AT Arc Trainer Manual & Instructions

To see all the unique features of the Cybex 750AT Elliptical trainer machine, you can view the owners manual online. This shows you all the features as well as complete instructions for assembly, parts list and programs. See the Cybex 750At Manual Here.


Cybex 750AT Specs – What’s Included

Total Body Arc-Machine Basic Specs
Product Number 750AT
Incline Levels 21
Stride Length 24” (61 cm)
Resistance Range up to 900 Watts
Drive type Double Step Up drive
Brake Brushless Eddy current brake with generator
(L x W x H)
77 x 36.7 x 62.5 in
196 x 93 x159 cm
Machine Weight 404 lbs (183 kg)
Maximum User Weight 400 lbs (181 kg)
Power Self Powered, optional AC powered version available for full time display and zero starting resistance

Display & Programming
Programming Quick Start, Manual, plus 9 pre-set programs with 21 levels including Heart Rate control plus 2 Advanced programs and 9 Custom Programs

Compliance & Safety
Compliance ETL listed to UL 1647, FCC Class B, ASTM, EN 957, CE Low Voltage Directive, EMC and ROHS
Convenience Features Split level display with magazine rack. Dual water bottle holders ,utility tray and dual speed fan.
Heart Rate Monitoring Contact and wireless. HR light indicator is multi colored with different color light for specific target heart rate zones
Color Gray shrouds with choice of five standard frame colors (white, black, platinum sparkle, metal tone gold, black chrome) or choose from over 180 custom colors
Languages 7 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Swedish)
AV/Ent. CYBEX Personal Ent. Monitor Option
AC Adaptor AC adapted option provides full time display lighting.
Warranty 10 yr – frame
3 yr – parts
1 yr – labor
Courtesty of

Video of the Cybex 750AT | How it Acheives Maximum Results & Minimum Stress

What is an Arc Trainer

Cross trainers are fitness machines that work various parts of the body at one time. They are non-impact, stationary machines that aim to provide high levels of cardiovascular health without joint pressure.

The Cybex 750at arc trainer focuses on strength, power, cardio, and weight loss. It’s like having 3 machines in 1, with various inclines and resistance, and potential for maximum calorie burn. So, whether you are a an athlete in training, or anyone who wants to be in top shape, you can achieve it with an arc trainer.

Customer Reviews – Cybex 750AT Body Arc Trainer

Overall, buyers of Cybex 750 at body arc were very impressed with the versatility and especially the calorie burn of the arc trainer. They gave it high ratings for staying in top shape year round. Here are Cybex 750AT Reviews:

The only thing I can do that burns as many calories as using this machine is flat out running. But I can’t run as long as I can use this machine. I’ll still be going strong on this machine long after I would have passed out from exhaustion on a treadmill burning calories at the same rate. I work out using my own Polar heart rate monitor which tracks my pulse and calorie expenditure so I can quantify how many calories I burn on this. On the 750AT it’s too easy for me to burn 500 calories in 40 minutes without even realizing it… the full Cybex 750AT Review Here

Overall, Reviewers rated this Arc Trainer 4.5 stars out of 5 stars


The Best feature of the Cybex 750at trainer is the ease of a home workout that provides minimal stress on your knees and joints with maximum flexibility and benefits. To be at the peak of fitness is not easily obtained, and a piece of workout equipment in your home gym that offers the opportunity for maximum calorie burn, weight loss, and strength training all in one high quality elliptical crosstrainer is a rare find.

A quality piece of commercial gym equipment that can be used in your home gym. But of course, these benefits come with a higher cost.



The Cost of Cybex 750at arc trainers is a downside for many. It has all the benefits a home gym system needs, with a high price tag. If you were to buy the Cybex 750at rather than multiple pieces of equipment for your home gym, the cost of the 750at trainer would seem less intimidating. Plus, you have the added benefit of taking up less room in your home gym than multiple pieces like a treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine and stepper.


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Buy Cybex750at with Free Shipping and a huge $1,200 discount. Buying the Cybex 750at online may also save you from sales tax, and it will be delivered to your door. You can Buy Cybex 750at Here.

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