Dewalt D24000 Tile Saw Review

Dewalt d24000 Tile Saw Review – 10″ Wet Saw & Tile Cutter

dewalt d24000 tile saw reviewPeople say that the better tools you use the more chances you have to complete a perfect job. And when it comes to power tools, this is true as well.

Used by many builders and decorators, a tile saw is an essential tool that determines not only the quality of work, but also how fast the project can be completed.

Choosing the right tools for the purpose is essential and in case you are looking for the best option for your tiling project you will want to read the Dewalt d24000 tile saw review and find out more about this 1.5 horsepower direct drive cutting machine.

What is the Dewalt d24000 Wet Tile Saw Designed For

It is a professional 10″ tile saw that is designed to deal with high volumes of work and different sizes, shapes and angles. It is popular among professionals and handymen alike as it has a high capacity and a long product life.

It is also perfect for anyone who has a large job to handle, and wants a machine for precision straight cuts, mitering, bevel and even plunge cuts. It can handle a 24″ tile, and give smooth cuts with an 18″ tile diagonally.

No need for an accessory cart block, you can still get precision cuts with the motor, which locks at 45 or 22.5 degrees. You’ll be able to get the correct angle of the table with the help of the adjustable rollers.

Unlike some DIY wet saws, the Dewalt d24000 tile saw is able to handle multiple projects, is easily adjustable, and provides a really clean cut. It can be quickly and easily assembled and set up in workshops and in garages as well. You can transition from a straight cut to a plunge cut in seconds, allowing you to get the job done faster.

Water Splash with the D24000 Wet Tile Saw

If you are searching for the best results, the Dewalt D 24000 tile saw offers a very straightforward operation. Out of the box set up is a simple process, as is dismantling when the job is done.

The water containment on the D24000 is one of its most impressive features. Being a messy job all the way around, using a saw that contains the splash certainly is a treat. It offers adjustable dual water nozzle and a 5 gallon water pan. With the multiple drip trays on this saw, it reduces splash and leakage to a minimum and contains it in the tub. You’ll still have to clean up the sludge, but your floor will be spared.

Dewalt d24000 Tile Saw Review – Unique Features

It offers a professional solution for builders and DIY projects. It is easy to assemble and use. It has a relatively low weight of 70 pounds that makes it possible for one person to assemble and transport.

General features of the Dewalt d24000 saw

  • Power: 15 Amps / 1.5 Horsepower
  • Blade Diameter: 10″
  • Maximum Rip: 24″
  • Maximum Diagonal Cut: 18″
  • Max Cut Depth: 3-1/8″
  • Plunge Cuts: Yes
  • Integrated 45° Miter:     Yes
  • Integrated 22.5° Miter:     Yes
  • Weight 69 pounds
  • Size: 34″ length and 26″ Width (housing only)

Unique features of the Dewalt d24000 wet tile saw

  • The plunge feature supports operators to make immediate plunge cuts
  • Integrated stainless steel rail system for precision and durability
  • Dual Water Nozzle system with 5 gallon pan
  • Integrated miter feature for accurate bevel cuts
  • Adjustable water nozzles to be able to reduce over-spray
  • Tilts and locks for miters
  • Rolling table has rubber top non-slip surface
  • Water pump rated at 170 gallons per hour
  • Easy to clean: the cutting cart can be removed
  • On board tool storage
  • GFCI plug for safety
  • Smooth vibration free cuts
  • Ideal for daily use

Great for Ceramic, Porcelain, travertine, terazzo, slate, and stone

Video Review of the Dewalt D24000 Tile Saw

How Easy is it to Use the Dewalt d24000 Tile Saw

Due to the weight of the product it is possible to assemble this tile saw alone in a short period of time. One just has to follow the instructions detailed in the users’ manual, but it is simple. You can rest assured that the construction is strong and there will be no parts not being able to deal with the volumes.

  1. The power button is easy to locate and with the extra safety features built in the machine accidents can easily be prevented, too.
  2. The operation modes can be easily selected and the height of the tray, also the spraying can be adjusted very easily.
  3. The water catchment trays are very easy to find and emptied.
  4. Changing the blades is very simple and all you have to do is to take out some screws and replace them after you changed the blades. It is also safe to adjust the features.
  5. The saw can be broken down into the machine, tray and stand, making it extra easy to handle or transport the machine.

What is included in the pack of Dewalt d24000 tile saw

It includes most of the main parts you need for basic operation, here is the list what is in the Dewalt d24000 tile saw’ s box.

  • Rolling table with rubber top
  • Molded tub
  • Side and rear water collector trays
  • Hex key and blade spanner for adjustments
  • Dewalt Premium porcelain blade (1)
  • 12 months guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Free 12 months servicing contract
  • and most importantly: 30 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee

Dewalt D24000 Tile Saw – Cons (Biggest Complaints)

The number one complaint about this wet saw is the noise. Being a direct drive saw (no belt or gears) it runs the motor at a faster speed, thus producing more noise. You should wear ear protection while operating a wet saw, and if so, it should not be an issue.

The D24000 Wet Saw does not include the Table Stand. You need to look at the D24000s Saw to add on the table, or buy it additionally.

Dewalt D24000 Instruction Manual

View the Dewalt D24000 Tiles Saw Instructions. You need to enter your type, 1 or 2, but if you just want to see more detail before buying, either will work fine.

Dewalt d24000 tile saw review of essential accessories

The above list should service your initial basic needs, however you might consider purchasing some extra accessories not included in the pack.

These can really help you getting your project perfect, as they come with different strength, durability. You need to make sure you are purchasing the right blades for your saw for the best results, and your manufacturer’s guide or the merchant will be able to give you expert advice on that.

Can be purchased separately for about $40 as a standalone item or you can find some special deals to purchase together with the Dewalt d24000s tile saw package.

You can see the Dewalt D24000 Tile Saw – Reviews from buyers Here.

dewalt d24000 wet saw review

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