Dewalt XRP Battery | 18, 14.4, 12V XRP Battery

Dewalt XRP Battery – Replace your DeWalt XRP Lithium Battery Pack-12, 14.4 or 18 Volt

If you own Dewalt XRP Rechargeable batteries, they need to be replaced under normal use after about 2 years or dewalt 18v xrp battery2000 charges. If your Black and Yellow pod style batteries didn’t have the ideal conditions, your XRP Battery life may be different.

How they are stored, if you allowed them to fully charge and other factors do affect life. Below is a break down of what you need in order to be up and running again.

I advise that you check battery cost and compare it to the life left on your tool. Sometimes, it is cheaper to buy a replacement instead of a battery. You can do a quick check for pricing on your model Here.

Lastly, the Dewalt XRP battery is sold in 18, 14.4, and 12 Volts with multiple models. Have your exact model and voltage handy.

Dewalt 18v XRP Battery Pack

Check for your current model number to buy the Dewalt 18 Volt XRP extended life battery that fits your 18 Volt tools. There are multiple 18V XRP Batteries, so be certain to have yours in hand with the model number for ordering a replacement pack. Some are also sold in a two pack (look for the -2 after the model number).

Find Dewalt 18v XRP Battery Packs with Fast, Free Shipping here.

Dewalt 12 Volt XRP Battery

The DeWalt 12 Volt XRP extended run time battery is pretty cut and dry. To charge your 12 Volt Cordless Dewalt tools, you can find a replacement, but don’t expect to smile at the price. Again, consider replacement value of your original tools before you buy.

See Dewalt 12 Volt XRP Battery Here.

Dewalt 14.4 XRP Battery

For your 14.4 volt tools, you can find the high-capacity NiCad batteries with 40% more run time in a single or 2-pack.

Find the Dewalt 14.4 XRP Battery Here.

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