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Doorbell With Dog Bark Sounds | Programmable Door Bells

If you are looking for a Doorbell with dog bark sounds, you’ll find programmable door bells can give you just that. They let you choose your own doorbell with dog bark soundssound, and make for a unique way for the door bell to ring. So, whether you are hoping for protection, or just want to have some fun, a dog bark sound doorbell is a fun way to welcome your guests (or a great way to get rid of them – you decide!)

Programmable door bells have another advantage as well. They allow you to choose from just about any sound you want. Use the large built in selection of pre-recorded songs and preprogrammed sounds, or create your own on the spot with user recording.

And the unit installs easily, making it a simple home improvement project you can tackle. This unit does require an existing wired doorbell to work, and utilizes the pre-existing wires and doorbell pushbutotton.

Iyou want more variety, you can try a cow moo, Halloween screams, or a Wedding March. A full selection of all the offerings available in the programmable door bell is available below. With a simple selection, you can mix it up to fit your mood.

You can see the doorbell with dog bark sound here.


Sounds that come with the iChime Programmable Doorbell

You can hear the dog bark doorbell sounds here and also vicious dog bark sounds here. Here are the other sounds included with the iChimes Programmable door bell.


Westminster 1 Arpeggio Bells St. Michaels Record any doorbell sound you want here!ichime programmable door bells
Ding Dong 1 Westminster 2 Ding Dong Song
Whittier Chimes Ding Dong 2


Good King Wenceslas O Christmas Tree Jingle Bells, sung Record any doorbell sound you want here!
Joy to the World We Wish You a Merry Carol of the Bells

Deck The Halls


Sneaky Organ Music Scream with Music Sinister Laugh & Music Record any doorbell sound you want here!
Beethoven’s Fifth Witch “Come in” Woman Screaming
Thunder Wolf Howl Witch Cackle
Butler Answers Door


La Cucaracha Dixie Yankee Doodle Record any doorbell sound you want here!
Call to the Post Reveille The Marine Hymn


Bell then Dog Bark Hello Hello Hello Rooster Record any doorbell sound you want here!
“I’ll Get It!” Cuckoo Clock Cow Moo
“Some Ding-A-Ling” Horse Whinny “Someone at the Door!”
Duck Quack Jazzy Music Vicious Dog Bark
Siren, Police Arriving


Pomp & Circumstance Happy Birthday Wedding March Record any doorbell sound you want here!
Auld Lang Syne Happy Anniversary Star Spangled Banner
Valentine’s Song


ichimes Programmable Door Bell Video

Features and Installation of the iChimes Programmable Door Bell with Dog Bark Sounds

  • Use to replace a wired doorbell (not wireless)
  • Easy installation
  • Quickly disconnects from wall for setup
  • Big speaker for full sound
  • Six custom user recordings stored (up to 60 seconds)
  • Works with lighted front and back door buttons
  • Mounts horizontally and vertically
  • Can add additional speakers (not included)
  • 4-level volume control
  • Takes 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Dimensions: 5″ x 7 3/4″ x 2″

iChimes Programmable Door Bells Installation Manual

You can view the simple online instructions of the Dog bark sound doorbell here.

Buy iChimes Programmable Door Bells with Dog Bark Sound

You can buy the Ichimes Programmable Door Bells Here with free shipping now.


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