EZ Adjust Bed Rail Review -Adjustable Bed Rail For Elderly

EZ Adjust Bed Rail by Standers Review – Adjustable Bed Rail for Elderly, Seniors or Disabled

EZ adjust Bed Rail ReviewIf you are taking care of someone who needs support or is in danger of falling from bed, or if you yourself need help getting up from bed without assistance, a bed rail is the perfect answer.

A bed rail for adults provides protection as well as a grab bar, helping seniors or anyone needing assistance to get up from a lying position safer. Rails allow for continued independence, which is invaluable.

How Bed rails can Help:

  • A bed rail can be used to hinder someone from falling off the bed, whether elderly, disabled or recovering from an illness or injury. Even  for those suffering from a sleeping disorder, such as restless sleep disorders or sleepwalkers, it prevents them from hurting themselves while still asleep.
  • Bed Rails can be used as a hand rail to help some one sit up or stand up from bed
  • They can be a place to hang the user control pad for hospital beds so that it can be easily seen and reached
  • Can be a place to hang medical equipment

EZ Adjust Bed Rail Review – Video Shows Ease of Use

The Advantages Of An Adjustable Bed Rail Make It A Smarter Choice.

EZ Adjust Bed Rails are the only bed rails in the world that can extend. They can also:

  • Fit just about any kind of bed whether at home or at the hospital
  • Be extended and locked into place from 26, 34, to 42 inches
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Be folded down if the bed covers need to be changed or when the bed is not in use
  • Be placed either on the left or right side of the bed
  • Accommodate even thick mattresses because it is 23 inches high from the base of the cushion
  • lnludes side pockets for easy access to necessities without needing to reach a bedside table or night stand.

Getting in and out of bed cannot be easier with this adjustable bed rail for elderly. It adds support when sleeping, and for added security the makers have included a safety strap that attaches to the bed frame to keep the EZ Adjust Bed Rail from moving. But the real beauty of this adjustable bed rail is that it can fit practically any bed anywhere, twin, double, queen and even king size beds.

Adjustable Bed Rail for the Elderly – A Buyer Review of the EZ Adjust Bed Rail

I bought this bed rail for a friend’s mom who was having trouble getting up and out of bed. She is beyond thrilled. It has helped her feel much more secure when maneuvering herself out of a flat position to a sitting up position to finally standing. It was easy to assemble under the mattress, then hooks on to the bed frame on the other side of the bed. The rail is cushioned so it’s very comfortable to grip. The rail is also very sturdy and stable and I would not hesitate to recommend this product or buy another one if needed.

Some Other Considerations of this Adjustable Bed Rail for the Elderly

While the EZ adjust is an excellent bed rail, there are some negatives to consider as with everything. Here are some common complaints

  • The buttons to adjust the bed can be hard to use for an elderly or disabled individual.
  • The Rail drops down, but needs a foot of clearance. To use this feature, the bed cannot be against a wall.
  • Side Pockets do not close, so if you drop the rail, you may lose contents

Some bed rails could pose potential dangers. If a person climbs over a bed rail, he falls many inches more than if it wasn’t there at all. For persons with limited mobility, there is also the possibility of getting caught between the bed rails and getting trapped.

How is the EZ Adjust Bed Rail Different?adjustable bed rail for elderly

Safety on this kind of adjustable bed rail is not an issue because:

  • The gap between rails of the EZ Adjust Bed Rail is 3 inches; there is very little chance of a head or a hand being caught
  • If pulled out to full length, the person in bed is in no danger of falling out of bed because the whole body is secure
  • The person occupying the bed can lower the rail without aid by simply pulling pins; while pulling up the rail until it pops into position secures it back in place
  • It can support up to 300 pounds

You can also install the EZ Adjust Bed Rail in minutes. If you need a safety rail, this adjustable bed rail minimizes the risk for those with weak knees or hips. It is also very convenient for those recovering from surgery and perhaps need something solid to help them get out of bed.

Whether it is for yourself or someone you care for, the EZ Adjust Bed Rail gives you extra security and unbeatable features.

Common Questions About the EZ Adjust Bed Rail for Seniors:

Can you Adjust the Width of this Adjustable Rail After it is Set Up?

Yes, with a push of a button, the width extends or retracts after set up.

Does this bed rail accomodate All Bed Types?

Yes, any size from twin to king.

What is the Height of the EZ Adjust Bed Rail and Is It Fixed?

Yes, it is a fixed height of 23″. Only the width is adjustable.

Box Springs? Does this Bed Rail Work Without Boxsprings?

It attaches to the frame of the bed or the box spring with a strap, so it is possible to use it without a boxspring by attaching the strap to the frame. But, it should not sit against the bed frame.

How Far do the EZ Adjust Bed Rails Extend?

The EZ adjust Bed rail Extends from 26″ to 42″

Can it be used with an Adjustable Bed or a Hospital Bed?

Yes, by utilizing the strap, it will work for either.

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