Fijit Toy Review | Fijit Friends Interactive Toy Review

Fijit Toy Review | Fijit Friends Interactive Toy Review

Logan, Sage and Serafina are the Fijit Interactive Friends. The Fijit toys for kids resemble cute aliens with bright colors, and interact with you based on Fijit toy reviewpre-programmed commands.







Mattel recommends Fijit friend toys for ages 6 and up, but even younger kids may appreciate their sense of humor. They come with the ability to use voice recognition, have song and beat detection, a funky dance mode, and all kind of responses such as cute phrases and jokes, for a total of 150 built-in responses.

Fijit Toys Dance

With Fijit toys, they come with a soft skin that allows them to move and dance. You can touch or squeeze them to get a reaction. They also can respond to 30 different words and phrases with voice recognition. Don’t expect miracles though, they are a toy!

These dancing toy robots come with a soft head, have removable ears, and a soft and squishy casing that can respond to your touch. If you Poke her belly you’ll be in for a suprise, as she’ll respond to it. Figit Friends Interactive Toys have all kinds of movements, and can turn their head, wiggle and bounce around. She even has LED lights in her face, that form eyes and a mouth, that light up in response to you.

At bedtime, your Fijit Toy will go off to sleep too. Say goodnight to see her soft belly glowing just like a built in nightlight as she sleeps.

Fijit Toy Serafina, Logan, Willa & Sage

Wondering who is who? Here is the breakdown by color;


Pink Fijit – Serafina the Sweetie Pie…she’s so happy


Blue Fijit – Logan is sporty….loves to cheer you on


Purple Fijit – Willa is a trend setter…loves to try new things


Green Fijit – Sage is Adventurous….Ready for anything

What’s Included with a Fijit Friend

One Fijit Friend (Serafina, Willa, Sage or Logan)

5 AA “Try-Me” batteries

Full instructions

Features of the Dancing Fijit Toys by Mattel

  • Features voice recognition
  • FIJIT Friends respond with 150+ built-in phrases
  • Tells jokes
  • Recognizes music and dances
  • Soft body and light up face
  • Girls can touch them to get a response
  • Beat detection capabilities
  • Fijit Friends are dancing machines – Your music or theirs
  • App’s available too

Fijit Toy Review Video

Dimensions of Fijit Friends Interactive Toy

  • Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 4.9 x 8.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

Small and portable if they want to travel with their Fijit Friends

Customer reviews of the Fijit Toys

Overall, reviewers either love the Fijit toys or they don’t. There is not much in between. Many people said their daughters enjoyed playing, joking, and dancing with them. Others felt they just did not work like they should. The voice recognition is not perfect in a toy like this, and many were disappointed in that. Here are some snippets of Fijit Toy Reviews from Amazon;

I bought this for my four year old daughter who is completely delighted with it. The most endearing thing about the toy is that it will say “Come here, come here.” and then make a kissing sound. It also tells my girl things like “Shoot your cute.” and it tells funny jokes like “Why do fish in the ocean live in salt water? Because they’re allergic to pepper.” This is hilarious if you are four.

My daughter also had trouble at first with the voice recognition. She was screaming “dance with me” and it wouldn’t respond correctly. After I put fresh batteries in, it did rather well. She played with it for a while and quickly lost interest. The number of responses is just too limited to engage a child more than a few days.

You can read more Fijit Toy Reviews Here

Fijit Toy Review – 3 stars out of 5


Fijit friend toys are unique and are a great toy. Interaction with a toy, especially via music, is ideal for girls. Bright colors and a light up face, even a dancing soft body, there is no doubt these Fijit friends are a great idea.

They are a safe toy that keeps them off the computer and away from the video games. Dancing and showing off a cute toy fijit to friends and family is good for them.

With every product, there are features that are not so great. Below, you will find some of them.


Even though there are lots of great features of the Figit Toys, they also received some bad reviews. Here are some of the things people did not like about the Mattel Fijit Friends.

  1. It was too loud for some people
  2. It did poorly with voice recognition
  3. It did not interest their child for very long

Others really enjoyed the Fijit, so these are factors you will have to weigh on your own.

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