Fisher Price IXL Handheld Electronic Learning System

Why buy a Fisher Price IXL

The Fisher Price IXL 6 in 1 Handheld is a kids computer , so named because the game system offers 6 different applications in one.  Some of the systems, such as the notepad, are more ideal for preschool kids, but the IXL offers a full range of options. It includes;

  • A Digital Reader for Books (read to me or interactive modes with stylus)
  • Kids Games (includes 1 kids game with 3 levels-more games sell for about $20)
  • A Digital Art Book (backgrounds, drawing tools, & stampers  and music too)
  • An MP3Player for Music (load their favorites right on)
  • Notepad (Beginner Learning-trace uppercase/ lowercase letters & numbers from 1-20)
  • Photo Viewer (transfer photos, then draw on them to make them silly)

Below is a breakdown of the basics of this system.

Fisher Price IXL Handheld Electronic Learning System Specs

It is specifically designed for kids from 3 to 7 years old. It includes a 3.5” color touch screen (Larger than a DS), and a stylus, with a 7” cord, is used with the screen. It includes an expandable memory slot, so games can be loaded onto an SD card, and can be used with your headphones (not included) for quiet play, or with the single speaker. The system runs on 4 AA batteries.

The Ixl is compatible with both PC and MAC, and an internet connection is required to set it up. It includes the necessary USB cord for the connection. The IXL learning system is compatable with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, as well as Macintosh OS X v10.4 or higher.

Pros and Cons of the IXL Electronic Leaning System by Fisher Price


Our favorite – Expandable memory to hold  just about anything

Easy of use, bold and colorful icons for little ones to navigate without help

Lots of sound effects for interactive play.

Allows them to personalize  stories with their own name (up to 9 letters)

Nice choice of educational games (Disney Princess, Handy-Mandy, Scooby-Doo)

Coloring and painting over the photos (like the DSI allows) is great fun for kids

Listen to the MP3 while using the photo viewer or Art book, music mixed with coloring is more fun.

Easy for kids under 3 to enjoy some of the features.

Mac and Windows compatable


Touchscreen can be  sensitive, and works better with the stylus than little fingers.

Uploaded photo quality could be better.

Battery life-4 AA batteries provide about 3 hours of play. Rechargeable is recommended

Only one game included ( but does teach numbers and counting)

Only one book included (cannot read each individual word)

Overall feelings about the IXL by Fisher Price

This system offers lots of options which can grow with a child. At any given time, they may prefer to use one of the six elements more, which makes it great to have options.

You can see full reviews of the Fisher Price IXL Here.

It is a fun system, designed to keep their attention, and provide all those choices, as every child responds differently. Younger children seem to prefer this type of a system, with more art options, which allow them to learn how to use a stylus and develop fine motor skills. Older kids may prefer the games and music. Overall, the Fisher Price IXL Handheld learning system offers something for all the kids in the house, at a reasonable price.

To learn more or get the Best Price – IXL by Fisher Price see the Blue or Pink IXL Game Systems.

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