Fisher Price Kick And Play Piano Gym Review

Fisher Price Kick And Play Piano Gym Review | Discover N Grow Kick & Play Piano Gym

An activity mat that can grow with your child, the Fisher Price Kick And Play Piano Gym transforms itself easily. From an overhead gym to a Fisher Price Kick And Play Piano Gymtummy mat to a sit up spot, it covers all the bases for your babies first years, while entertaining them with music.

The cozy mat is fully washable and includes a giraffe, monkey, penguin and zebra, with lots of bright colors to stimulate her.

With the cute animal theme, bright colors, music from a piano, and a big sun mirror, babies have plenty to keep them occupied with this re-positional mat.


Discover N Grow Kick And Play Piano Gym OverheadFisher Price discover n grow Kick And Play Piano Gym

For infants and babies not yet ready for their tummies, she’ll start using this mat on her back with the arch of the mat up. She can kick at the piano keys to make music, reach for or grasp the five hanging animal toys and watch herself in the mirror.

The mirror will show her reflection, and she’ll enjoy cooing to that baby she sees.

When your not using the mat, you can fold the arc down easily to store it or take it with you on the go.


Fisher Price Kick And Play Piano Gym Arc Down For Tummy TimeDiscover N Grow Kick And Play Piano Gym

When your baby is ready for some tummy time, you can move the arc down.

Now she can grasp and play with the hanging activity toys, which include a lion with a teething mane, a blue elephant with a roller ball, a green frog with clackers and soft red teething bird.

The big sunshine mirror at the center will still delight her as she plays.


Kick & Play Piano Gym With Piano Up for Sitting Babies

Fisher Price Kick And Play Piano Gym ReviewWhen your baby is sitting, the last change with the playmat takes place. Now you can pull the piano up, and she can sit up playing the piano, move around to play with the activity center, and enjoy watching herself.

The Kick & Play Piano Gym can entertain babies for their first 18 months.


Discover N Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym Music

The music is activated by the soft keys. As the baby kicks the keys, or touches them with her fingers, the music will play in short notes and ditty’s or for up to 15 minutes. When the music starts, the lights flash on and off too.

You can control the volume, how long you want the music to play with every kick, and if you want the music to play at all. There is an on/off switch for quite play.

With music that responds to touch, your child will begin to understand cause and effect, and will be able to sit up and play the keyboard as she grows.

Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano Gym Video – Baby Playing With The Gym

Fisher Price Discover ‘N Grow Kick & Play Piano Gym Features

  • Combines a soft gym play mat with a musical piano
  • Arch and Piano can be easily Repositioned for infants, tummy time, and sitting babies
  • Piano Keys are soft, and activate when kicked or touched
  • 2 Colored Lights are activated by with the music
  • Long Play plays a song up to 15 minutes
  • Short Play plays a note and a ditty
  • Adjustable volume for music
  • Washable Mat
  • Put together in Minutes
  • Helps baby build strength, develop hand-eye coordination, and promotes physical development
  • Folds down easily for storage or travel
  • Age Range: birth to 18 months
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (included)

Where to Buy Fisher Price Discover N Grow Kick And Play Piano Gym

You can buy Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano Gym Here, and get discount pricing with free shipping. The Discover N Grow Piano Gym will be a fun play mat for your child as she grows.


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