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free social bookmarking submission toolIf you have a website or blog, you need traffic. It is as simple as that. Finding a free automated social bookmarking submission tool can help to bring that traffic, by providing the links you need to move up higher in the rankings. Without some backlinks, the search engines just don’t know how to rank your content.

So, here are a few of the ones I am currently using. They are simple to use, and all have a free option.

Now, just remember, that every tool you use will have a set up. I will explain that below. But, the links are FREE, and on high PR sites. So, if you have to spend some time, it is still a great way to get some links for your website, and get it noticed.

Best Automated Free Social Bookmarking Tool

So far, my favorite is Social ADR. This site will allow you to bookmark your website home page or inner pages, and it gets bookmarked by other account holders as well. I have found this added link juice of multiple bookmarks to have a great affect on my rankings. And, these links do stick.

free social bookmarking submission toolThe thing is, you must do other things as well. So, use it to give your site a boost, then, add some articles and Web 2.0 posts. It all depends on how much competition you want to take on.

How it works:

  • You are asked to sign up for 19 popular bookmarking sites, like Mister Wong, Kirsty, Jumptags, and Gravee. Now, if you already have accounts, you can use your existing. If not, you can sign up on the spot, or they will register them for you for $11.00.
  • Once done, you start to bookmark others posts. By simply pushing a button, they are done. It is NOT Manual!

You can add your own bookmarks, and they will be bookmarked as well. You add a spinnable title, spinnable body, and tags. Free members can be bookmarked a total of 420 times per month. That is 1 for each time any site is bookmarked successfully. My sites average about 10 bookmarks per share, so that is about 10 of the 420 used each time. Your first bookmark starts after 8 shares.

If you want to get bookmarked without having to share or sign-up, they have plans starting from about $15.00.

So, you get to use their servers to process bookmarks on multiple accounts for your sites. It really is a nice deal.

It is super easy, and really is a great way to get indexed and ranked for long-tails. SocialAdr – up to 420 backlinks per month…for FREE!

Social Monkee Free Social Bookmarking Submission Tool

This one is brand new, but so far, I really like this free social bookmarking submission tool. I signed up at and you can submit one URL per day. It submits to 25 private sites. It is free, easy, and so far I have a few links showing up. Now, I am new to them too, but the process is easy, and free social bookmarking toolsthe owners have been around a while. So, I think getting in early on this one is a great idea.

  • I downloaded a firefox add-on, and then I can submit right from my desktop. I now have  a little monkey who shows up in the right corner. I had a tough time with the instructions they gave on my Windows 7 PC getting the firefox add-on, so all I did was:
  • I downloaded the .xpi file from Social Monkee and followed these instructions from firefox:

starting with Ctrl+ O. It was easy, and I could bookmark right away.

Now, I can bookmark one time a day to 25 sites. I can add articles and Web 2.0 sites, just really easy.  Social Monkee does allow you to spin. You add up to 3 titles, 3 bodies, and multiple tags, and the software randomly releases those to the sites.

If you would like to bookmark more, they have an option to upgrade, or you can refer others to their site. Upgrading allows you to submit 3 URL’s to 100 sites, rather than one for life, and to buy, it costs $39. You can find out more about Social Monkee Free Social Bookmarking Tool Here.

IM Automator Is A Great Free Social Bookmarking Autosubmitter

I have used this site for automated bookmarking submissions for quite some time. It has really grown, and is now offering article and directory imautomator free social bookmarking toolssubmissions as well as bookmarking.

If you join free, you get to submit your sites or pages to 25 social bookmarking sites. You can submit up to 10 sites per day.

  • The submission process is easy, you enter your URL, and it pulls the info over. It is best to change this some.
  • You then pick a catagory and pick how to submit. One bookmark every 15 days or  a bookmark every few days over 45 days.

You cannot spin with this one, and the sites are not main stream sites. But, it is a completely free social bookmarking submission tool that is automated, so no account sign-ups.

Last Free Automation Tools for Social Bookmarking

I hate to even mention these, because every website owner seems to know about them, but Onlywire and Social Marker are also nice tools. I have never had great luck with either of them, but they are free tools, so if you have not yet, check them out.

Sign up at as many free social bookmarking services as you can, get a variety of links, automate as much as possible, and your business will grow!

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