Furreal Cookie Puppy Review | Cookie My Playful Pup

Furreal Cookie Puppy Review | Cookie My Playful Pup

The new FurReal Friends Cookie Puppy is an interactive dog that has soft fur and realistic sounds & movements. Your child can take care of Cookie, feed her, talk to her, or pose her and she responds to them with affection. She interacts when she senses light, movement, noise or touch. So, between her large size (similar to a real puppy), her responses, and her playful looks, she offers many similarities to a real dog, without all the care and training.

Furreal Cookie Puppy Review

Whether your child is a dog lover, or you just want her to be comfortable around pets, the cookie puppy toy can be a great way for kids to interact with a pup.

Cookie My Playful Puppy Features

  • Pet Cookie and she barks, moves her head and wags her tail
  • Scratch her cheek or tickle her chin and she turns toward your daughter, happy to get more
  • When she hears noise or talking, she responds with puppy squeals
  • Furreal friends cookie turns her head towards the sound of her puppy bone
  • Cookie My Playful Pup also makes a chewing sound with the bone in her mouth
  • Rest your hand on the top of her head and she’ll nod off to sleep, closing her eyes and snoring
  • Cookie the puppy is about 14″ high, similar to a real dog with white fur, dark eyes, and a lifelike tongue
  • She wears a pink collar with purple tag, and includes a soft doggie bone that squeaks
  • Cookie is posable, her front legs move to sit or stand
  • Requires 4 C batteries (temporary batteries included)
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 16 x 14 inches
  • Age Range: 4 -8 years

FurReal Friends Cookie Puppy Movements

Cookie the Puppy responds to movement, light, noise, and touch.  To respond to these, she has sensors in her head, cheeks, and back, as well as in her mouth to bite and a sensor for sound and vision.

Movements of Cookie My Playful Pup

Here are the fun things Cookie can do when interacting with your child. She can;

  • Bark/Make puppy noises
  • Wag her tail
  • Move/Turn her head
  • Moves her mouth
  • Open and Close her eyes
  • Turn her head
  • Chew on bone
  • Sits up/lies down

How to Stop Cookie the Pup From Playing

When you want to play with Cookie My Playful Pup, keep interacting with her, and she’ll play, using her senors. If you stop playing with her, she goes into a daydream mode to conserve power. You can make noise or touch her to bring her back to life. She also has an on/off button.

Furreal Cookie Puppy Review Commercial

Pro’s & Con’s Of the Furreal Cookie Puppy

Cookie My Playful Pup is a fun interactive dog, but she is not without her faults. Some thing to consider are the color, being a white dog, she can get dirty. Also, She has pretty soft fur, but she is an electronic dog, and she is not terribly cuddly. Lastly, she does not walk. Since she is much more interactive, this feature is not very important, but they have used that technology in the past, so I was suprised to see it was not in the Furreal Cookie dog.

Although she is not perfect, she is a fun toy that girls will surely love playing with, and Furreal Cookie the dog may help some children who have a fear of animals to feel safer. She earns a 4.5 out of 5 stars for being a fun toy dog for kids to play with.

Where to Buy Furreal Cookie Puppy My Playful Pup

You can find discount pricing and free shipping on Furreal Cookie Puppy Here, as well as read more reviews about My Playful Pup.

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