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Fyrflyz Toys Review | Fyrflyz Light Up Toys

The new Fyrflyz Toys light up as you spin them through the air, to make a light show. They come with instructions to make specific shapes, or kids can get creative and make anything they like.

fyrflyz light up toys

Fyrflyz toys (Pronounced Fire Flies) are being described as modern day yo-yo’s, getting kids off the couch to create their own unique light display.

It doesn’t get much more simple than the concept of lights on a string, targeted to kids who want a toy they can use now, but still challenges their imagination if they want to learn unique tricks. There is an endless amount of skills that can be mastered with the Fyrflyz light up toy.

Fyrflyz Toys Light Up Colors

Fyrflyz light up toys are made with small encased LED lights, and come in multicolor packs. FyrFlyz colors are;

Cyclone – A mix of Green and White

Blue Angel – A multicolor mix with BlueFyrflyz light up toy review

Nytfyr – Red and white together

How to Use Fyrflyz

To use FyrFlyz, kids attach the lights, which resemble a pair of eyeglasses, to the string and turn on the lights. They have to hold the string handle at each end, and spin until they twist up the string.

Now, they use the handles to pull the strings apart. They can grip it tighly or loosely, to get different effects. Simple spinning creates large or small orbits.

Sydwynders are created from sideways spins and if they pull tighly they can create black holes. If they can remember their movements, they can come up with their own name for a cool display. Shooting stars, flywheels, and so many more can be mastered once you have the basics down.

FyrFlyz light up toys can be used by kids of any age, but are ideal for kids 8 and up who can master more unique light displays

FyrFlyz Toys Video – Using FyrFlyz

Where to Buy FireFlyz Toys Online

You can buy FireFlyz Toys Online Here, or in stores such as ToysRus and Rite Aid. A great gift with a little price tag, so it really is hard to beat.

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