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Happy Napper Stuffed Animal Pillow | Happy Nappers For Kids Review

A Happy Napper Stuffed Animal Pillow for kids is like a pillow pet, a cozy stuffed toy to comfort kids. They can use it as a pillow, which is the outside of the animal home, or transform it to the animal that lives inside. They call Happy Nappers the perfect play pillow, and they come in 6 animal styles for your little one to choose from.

Happy Nappers have doorbells and sleepy sounds. They ring their doorbell, and open a pouch to remove the animal who lives inside.

Happy Nappers-As Seen On TV

Happy Nappers are an ‘as seen on TV’ item, meaning retail store locations are limited. One nice thing is they have a reasonable price point, under $20.00. But then, I saw the shipping…$8.99 for the first Happy Napper Stuffed Animal, and $5.99 for the Second. Ouch!

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Happy Nappers Stuffed Pillow Pets – 6 Different Reversible Toys

All of the Animals can Snore. They also have a special sound all their own. You can find the Happy Napper Stuffed Pet sounds below.

  • Penguin in an Iglooplatters
  • Dragon in a Castle – growls
  • Unicorn in a Palace – flubbers
  • Dog in a Dog House – woofs
  • Cow in a Barn – moos
  • Ladybug in a Bungalow – wings flutter
  • Bear to Log Cabin – growls (Hard to Find)


Happy Nappers for Kids Video-Happy Nappers Commercial

Dimensions of Happy Napper Stuffed Toys

  • Product Dimensions: 21″ / 12 x 4 x 12 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pound

Customer reviews of the Happy Napper Stuffed Toys

Overall, reviewers were uncertain about this toy. They were happy to pay less shipping and please the kids, but moms did not completely fall in love. Here is what they had to say:

My dad ordered this Happy Napper for my four year old after they watched the commercial together. She has slept with it almost every night for the past month (and she is not one to latch on to something). She also carries it around a lot during the day. …..read the complete review here

Overall, Reviewers Gave a rating of 3 stars out of 5


The Happy Napper stuffed pillow is great for kids who want something to hold onto at night. A child adjusting to their own room, or having insecurities in their bedroom may just like one of these cute pets to hug or lay on while sleeping. Because they transform to a plush animal, it gives more opportunities to play.

Parents did appreciate them while traveling, be kids had a pillow and stuffed animal all in one that was easier to bring along..



The Happy Napper pillows for kids were disappointing to some parents who felt the quality could have been better. Some felt the seams were not quite strong enough, and others complained the sound was not quite right. I assume both of these issues were with their animals, not the pillows overall.

But multiple people giving Happy Napper plush pets to kids complained that the child could not remove the pet on their own. This was common in kids under 4, so it just may be better suited for 4 and up.

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