Hot Wheels Rc Nitro Speeders Review

Hot Wheels Rc Nitro Speeders Review | Nitro Speeders Ken Block, Camaro & Mustang

Super small yet fully functional, the Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders come in 5 colors and give full power and speed in a mini RC car. Measuring in at less than 2 inches long, and available in 3 channels for racing in close proximity, the Nitro Speeders RC Cars perform unusually well for a micro rc racer.

Hot Wheels Rc Nitro Speeders Review

It’s unusual size makes it one of the smallest RC cars available, and it is even smaller than most of it’s Hot Wheel car cousins.

Nitro Speeders Ken Block, Camaro & Mustang

There are currently (or will release) 5 styles, starting with the Ken Block Ford Fiesta, which is black, the camaro, which is blue, and the Mustang in red. The orange car will be the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Hammer Head Vehicle & the Team Hot Wheels Mustang Car will be white.

Rc Nitro Speeders Remote & Carrier

All of the cars come with a corresponding remote, which looks nothing like a normal remote control unit, with buttons to the side, and a car carrier in the center. It also doubles as a charging unit, which makes it very easy to store, carry and recharge all in one easy package.

Rc Nitro Speeders Channels – 3 Available

If you are not fully aware of the functionality of channels, it is simply using remotes in close proximity to one another. Only if you will be buying or using other RC Nitro Speeder Cars would it matter. If you are, you need to be on different channels so there is no interference. Currently, you can buy Nitro Speeder RC cars in 3 channels, and race up to 3 cars at one time.

Hot Wheels Rc Nitro Speeders Video Commercial

Hot Wheels Rc Nitro Speeders Features

  • Fully portable mini RC car
  • Includes carrying case that doubles as charger and remote
  • Car fits in your pocket
  • Scale speed of 0 to 600 miles per hour – Travels 7-9 mph
  • Kids Age 8+
  • 25 minutes for initial charge/Requires 4 AA batteries

Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders Review Pros & Cons

These cars are small and fun, and somewhat hard to believe. We like the fact that they are small enough to be compatible with other Hot Wheel sets, including tracks, so they can loop and do stunts on the tracks you already have.

This little car does live up to it’s promise of moving fast. It moves about 7-9 miles per hour, which is amazing for the size. The Nitro Speeder RC racers offers proportional controls so the speed can be reduced in indoor areas.

It is important to make sure the car stays indoors and off carpet. It is not designed to allow for much dirt, and with such a small size, doesn’t require much dirt or pet hair to cause performance issues.

These cars also have no roll bar, so if you plan to run stunts or move fast, you may roll over. The car does require that you manually put it right side up again.

Overall, The Remote Control Nitro Speeders are super fun and fast RC Racing Vehicle

Where to Buy Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders

You can check out the selection of Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeder Cars Here, and find free shipping. These cars are great for kids who already have Hot Wheels tracks, and Hot Wheels Rc Nitro Speeders take play to new levels.

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