Hot Wheels Video Racer Car Review

Hot Wheels Video Racer Car Review | Hot Wheels Camera Car

New for 2011, the Hot Wheels Video Racer car is a surprising spin for a Hot Wheels toy car. The folks at Mattel have managed to add a video camera in front as well as a microphone to a standard size hot wheel. It even has a .95 inch LCD screen on the undercarriage for viewing and instant playback and a USB for downloading.

Hot Wheels Video Racer Car Review

Using The Hot Wheels Video Racer Camera

These micro video racer cars have a futuristic look and kids can tape images of their Hot Wheel Racer vehicles in action. They also include protective cases with velcro mounting gear so kids can attach them to a bike or helmet, or wear them as a band on their wrist or ankle, so they don’t miss anything. Now that is really a cool feature if they want to try a stunt on a bike or just have some fun spying, who would know it’s a camera!

Video Racer Car Memory

So, the big question, just how much memory can a video racer vehicle carry. Well, this may be where size does matter. It includes only 512MB of storage, which will amount to about 12-25 minutes of VGA recording. Now, in video time, that is not bad. Let’s face it, at the speed he’ll be going when he records, it’s a matter of seconds per stunt!Review Hot Wheels Camera Car

Seriously though, that is a little disappointing. But, they have included the USB and some kid-friendly editing software with the Hot Wheels Video Racer Car, so that way they can remove and add new footage on the fly. Downloading erases it from the Hot Wheels video memory, so they can start fresh.

Video Racer 30 to 60 Frames Per Seconds

When recording you have the option to choose either 30 or 60 frames per second. They both give pretty good quality video, but you will find for stunts and crashes, you may prefer the 60 FPS for smoother replay.

  • Total shooting time at 30 Frames per second (640×480) is 12 minutes.
  • Total shooting time at 60 Frames per second (320×240) is 25 minutes.

Hot Wheels Video Racer Car Review of Ease of Use

One area the Hot Wheels Video Racer excels in is the simple to use instructions. Kids press the record button on top, wait for a green light, and recording begins. Press the same button to end recording.

To replay video, kids simply press the button by the screen. If they don’t like a video, they can erase it. They can also choose between the two Frames per second options. That is all there is to it.

Hot Wheels Video Racer Car Video Review

Recharging a Hot Wheels Video Racer Car

To recharge the vehicle, simply plug in via the USB cord to a computer, no replacement batteries needed.

Hot Wheels Video Racer Car Editing Software Review

Video editing software from Mattel will allow kids to easily learn video editing with kid friendly drop and drag options. It will be pre-loaded with graphics, sounds effects and even music to share with friends and family.

For a full demo, see the Hot Wheels Video Racer Car Editing Software Download Here.

Hot Wheels Video Car Features Overview

  •  1:64 scale Hot Wheels car and camera in one
  • Camera offer 30 or 60 Frames per Second
  • .95 inch LCD screen under car with instant playback
  • Also use velcro straps to attach camera to bikes or body and tape stunts
  • Hot Wheels Video Racer car editing software (download) for easy video creation and sharing
  • Available in Green/Black or Red/White
  • Includes One Hot Wheels Video Racer Car, USB, Protective Cover, and Velcro Strap

Overall, the Hot Wheels Video Racer Car is a pretty neat addition to the new wave of video toys. The fact that kids can wear it, and not just tape the vehicle racing adds a great dimension to the video racer. As for video quality, it will not win awards! No high def or image stabilization, but for some kids who want to see how their moves look on film, you couldn’t ask for too much more!

Hot Wheels Video Racer Price and Where to Buy

The hot wheels video racer car is retailing for $60.00. You can Buy the Hot Wheels Video Racer Green Car Here  or Red Here with free shipping, and if you really want it, you may want to do it soon. Stock will be iffy with the holiday season coming up.


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