Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Review

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Review | Hot Wheels Wall Sets

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Sets are modular race tracks that stick to the wall with the help of Command 3M non-marking strips. Kids can Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Setscustomize their own race track, and mix them with their existing Hot Wheels tracks, for wall to floor racing.

With a variety of track sets available, kids can design multiple configurations with twists, loops and turns all their own. The command pieces are separate from the track, and don’t require removal if you want to change the track.

Another nice benefit ~ This is one toy that won’t take up space, and is perfect for small places and families tired of asking their kids to pick up. The Hot Wheels Wall Sets stay in place on the wall when not being used, and can be configured in unique ways for play.

Hot Wheels Wall Sets are designed to be flexible on the wall, and can maneuver around corners and unusual angles, while preventing damage to the walls. So, whether you have paint or wallpaper, your walls will stay in good shape with 3M stips.

It is important to note that parents should move the strips if they want to make any changes, as they do need to be stretched properly when removing.

Hot Wheel Wall Race Tracks Video -Commercial

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Installation Templates

To attach the modular wall tracks they come with an installation template and in just a few steps, the track can be ready. The tracks are simply attached with brackets, like other Hot Wheels track sets.

A wall template is included that will line up the pieces and the 3M tape in the correct place. The 3M strips do require a one hour wait before use, so once they are set, the track is attached and play can begin.

Hot Wheels Wall Sets

Here are the available Wall Track Sets available to buy.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter SetThe Hot Wheels starter track set is the set to begin with. You can add other sets as you go along. Here is what you get with the Hot Wheels Starter Track set;

The starter set includes tracks and tricks including a steep ramp, a diverter switch and a full 360 degree loop. It includes 6 brackets, 7 3M command strips, and one Hot Wheels car. The instructions template is also included.

It is important to note that set up does need to be correct, or the car may not travel down the track and perform the stunts as it should. Also, if you plan on moving the set, you may use additional command strips.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Daredevil Curve Track SetHot Wheels Wall Tracks Daredevil Curve Track Set

The Daredevil Curve Track Set can be used alone or added to the starter set. It includes a steep track, a 180 degree trick curve, and a see saw track. It includes 5 3M Command strips, a die cast car and full instruction

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Downhill Flip Drop Track SetHot Wheels Wall Tracks Downhill Flip Drop Track Set

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Downhill Flip Drop Track Set can be used alone or as an addition to other  Hot Wheels wall track sets. This set includes a bridge and city scene with a flip flop corner curve. 5 3M strips and the wall template for installation, as well as a die cast car are included.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Drift Rally Spinout Track Set

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Drift Rally Spinout Track Set includes a gravity defying drop, corner drift turn of 180 degrees and steps for the cars to navigate. The set includes 3M command strips, track, brackets, and one hot wheels car. Full instruction template is included.

Wall Tracks by Hot Wheels Overview

Overall, the hot wheels wall track sets are a fun way for kids to play, but are not without their faults. They do get the play off the floor, and provide a fun way to play. Kids are more likely to use this when it is on the wall and ready  to go, they won’t need to set it up everytime they want to play.

With different kits, it allows for a nice variety. Hot Wheels tracks you own already will work with it too, so the track can continue onto the floor.

The wall tracks stick, but can fall off with rough play. Some parents had children pull them off that way, which does do damage, so it is important that kids don’t pull or tug on the track.If you want extra command strips to use with these sets, you can buy a multi pack of 3M strips Here.

Also, this is Hot Wheels, and cars will get stuck or may not make it down the track fully. The good thing is, kids are pretty flexible, and enjoy sending 10 other cars to unstick them!

Where to Buy Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

You can buy Hot Wheels Wall Tracks here. They will make a great gift for boys who are Hot Wheels fans, and love to race.

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