New Imaginext Mega T-Rex Dinosaur Review

Review Imaginext Mega T-Rex Dinosaur | 2011 Mega T-Rex Dino by Fisher Price

The New Imaginext Mega T-Rex Dinosaur for kids has been released for 2011, and it looks to be the dealiest launch yet. With the addition of mega t-rex dinosaur reviewarmor and weapons, this mechanical beast is more ferocious and fun than ever for a little boy.

Imaginext Mega T-Rex Dino

So, if he wants to play without the armor, he can listen to his dinosaur roar while it moves it’s arms, swings his neck back and forth, and opens his huge jaw wide. He can imagine his Mega T-Rex Dinosaur as the good or bad guy, but either way, he will make it a fun play time. Boys love fierce and loud creatures when they are playing, and this toy delivers both.

The dinosaur stays quite and still until he presses the button on his back to activate his sound and movement.

Imaginext Mega T-Rex Review

Imaginext Mega T-Rex Dinosaur Armor

When he want’s to play with the removable armor, it’s a snap to use. Simple attach the pieces, which include a dinosaur helmet , a control pod with an action figure and two working projectile rockets for battles. The figure can open the pod door with a push of his back, but the real fun for boys will begin in battle. The Mega T-Rex Dino comes to life, with extra fierceness, just what a little boy want’s to see. Swinging his neck and arms faster, and then he can fire off a bullet, with the push of a button. With his armor on he has extended tech arms that give him mechanical claws that give a new dimension to play.

Imaginext Mega T-Rex Dinosaur Features

  • Mega T-Rex has motorized movementsMega trex dino soldier
  • Fun sound effects
  • Removable armor
  • Two working projectile missiles included
  • Product dimensions: 16″L x 8″W x 12″H
  • Best for ages 3-8 years

What’s Included with Imaginext Mega T-Rex Dinosaur

T Rex Dinosaur, armor including helmet, rear control pod, soldier figure, two projectile launchers, extended tech arms & large mechanical claws, & 3 AA alkaline batteries.

Where to Buy Imaginext Mega T-Rex Dinosaur – Discount and Free Shipping

You can buy Imaginext Mega T-Rex Dinosaur and get free shipping now. It is nice to avoid the lines and have it shipped right to your door.

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