Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse Review

Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse Review | Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse 65252

Standing over 4.5 feet tall, the Wooden Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse is an investment in years of play for little girls. A dollhouse will be one of their favorite toys and allows them to use their imagination to be a princess, a mom, or a friend as they grow up. The Kidcraft Majestic dollhouse 65252 is built to last, and allows multiple girls to play at the same time, without bumping into one another.

kidcraft majestic mansion dollhouse review


Features of the Kidcraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

  • Majestic mansion includes the wooden dollhouse and 34 furniture pieces and accessories (see full details below)
  • 8 big open rooms for girls to play
  • Accomodates 12″ Barbie dolls or any of their smaller favorites
  • 3 full floors plus an attic, garage and patio
  • Has a gliding Elevator between the second and third floor
  • Includes a staircase
  • Swinging doors on the Garage
  • Just like a real house, has wide windows on both sides
  • Painted Walls in every room with Furniture, accessories or colors
  • 51″ Wide, 14″ Deep, 53″ High
  • Assembled Weight; 54 lbs


Majestic Mansion Dollhouse Furniture List

The Kidcraft Majectic Mansion Dollhouse Furniture includes a total of 34 wooden furniture and accessory pieces to decorate the house. These pieces of furniture can be very expensive to buy individually.  Here is a complete furniture listing. Kidcraft also offers the option of ordering replacement pieces should they ever need it.

Bedroom set with bed, dresser and lamp
Bathroom tub and toiletKidcraft majestic mansion dollhouse furniture
Vanity with stool
Patio lounge chair, side table, and potted plant
Kitchen fridge and stove/sink
Table, 2 high back chairs and Cake accessory
Table with 2 stools, ironing board and iron
Piano with stool
Chandelier and Grandfather clock
Living room fainting couch, end table and lamp
Cat and bed
Baby crib, high chair, lamp and toy block accessory


Kidcraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse Video Review

Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse Instruction Manual – Assembly Instructions

This dollhouse does require assembly. You can find full instructions & Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse Manual Here. Their instructions do include descriptive piece by piece pictures. Kidcraft provides a customer service number and is very easy to work with should you need any assistance.


Kidcraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse Reviews – How do Buyers Like It?

Kidcraft Mansion Dollhouse Buyers were very impressed with their purchase. They rated it highly for size, sturdiness, and value. They were happy with the quality

She spends hours with it when she’s here, she gets lost in it it is so great!! A little girls dream. She needs a stool to reach the top floors because it’s 20″ taller then she. We were,also,impressed with the nice wood furniture that came with it. This house will be with us for a very long time, don’t think she’ll ever tire of it….You can read the rest of the Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse Review Here.

Wow, totally made for a princess. This is the prettiest doll house, we have ever seen. It just takes your breath away. The colors are so pretty…You can read all the Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse Reviews Here.

Buyers did think that assembly was some work, and you should anticipate 2 or more hours. It is very large also and weights over 50 lbs, somake sure you have a place prepared where it can go. The good news is, it is a toy they will enjoy for so many years.

Buyers Gave the Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse 5 out of 5 Stars


Where to Buy the Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse – Discount and Free Shipping

To buy the Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse with a big discount and free shipping to your home, see the Majestic Mansion Dollhouse Discount Here.

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