Knock Your Blocks Off

Knock Your Blocks Off | Knock Your Blocks Off Game

The Knock Your Blocks Off game is a fun family game by Gamewright. It is a fast moving board game of building and destroying, all to be king! They Knock Your Blocks Off Gameinclude some fun effects, so you don’t just knock down their walls, you KNOCK down the walls!

Knock Your Blocks Off Building

In the Knock Your Blocks Off game, it starts with players getting their blocks, which will be one matching pattern. They get a structure guide also, which tells them how their blocks should be formed.

They may make their blocks into a tower or a wall, but it has to match the structure, including colors in the right place. This can be one of the hardest parts, especially when everyone want’s to win and is racing to be the fastest

Knock Your Blocks Off – Tearing Down

Now comes the fun part, the structures are built and it is time to tear down. The dice are called demolition dice, and you might get boulders, a fire breathing dragon, or an ogre.

This symbol tells you what your move will be, but whatever you get, your dice will be used to destroy their structure, or at least try to.

If you are not successful in tearing something down, they may get points!

Overall, the Knock Your Blocks Off Game by Gamewright is a fun family game, and kids will certainly be challanged with the building and see their competitive side in the tearing down.

 Knock Your Blocks Off Features

  • Contains rules of play and rules in Spanish
  • 30 victory tokens, 28 wooden blocks, 4 structure guides, 1 demolition tie
  • Playing time is 15+ minutes
  • For 2 to 4 players
  • Ages 8 and up

Where to Buy Knock Your Blocks Off

You can Buy Knock Your Blocks Off game here an get free shipping. It is a fun game, the whole family is sure to enjoy.

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