Kreo Sentinel Prime Review

Kreo Sentinel Prime Review | Kre-O Transformers Sentinel Prime Construction Set | Sentinel Prime Toy Review

For kids who love the Transformers and enjoy putting together Lego play-sets, the Kre-O Transformers Sentinel Prime construction set may well be the coolest toy to come out in quite some time. Of course, the Transformers have always been popular, but have become even more popular due to the recent string of Transformers action movies.

Kreo Sentinel Prime ReviewIf you combine the fun of these transforming automobiles/robot warriors, with the classic building fun of Lego play-sets, you’ll have a good idea of what the Kre-O Sentinel Prime toy is all about, and why so many kids are itching to get their hands on one.

Sentinel Prime Toy Review Features

  • This set allows kids to build one of the most popular Transformers characters – Sentinel Prime – in both vehicle and robot modes.
  • Comes with 4 Kreon figures (think little Lego characters) – Sentinel Prime, SoundWave, ThunderCracker and Fire Chief.
  • It’s like getting two toys in one, as kids have the ability to build the semi-truck and the robot warrior.
  • The Kreon Figures can even ride inside the Transformer when it is in vehicle mode.
  • The entire set includes 386 Kre-O pieces and the 4 Kreon figures.
  • It’s recommended for kids ages 8 to 14.

Kreo Sentinel Prime Video Review

Sentinel Prime Toy Review Pros & Cons

  • The Kre-O pieces will create both the robot – Sentinel Prime – and the vehicle –  a cool looking semi truck.

    Kre-O Transformers Sentinel Prime Construction Set

    Sentinel Prime, SoundWave, ThunderCracker and Fire Chief Kreon Figures

  • The Kreon characters are even cooler than Lego people, as they have arms that move on a ball-joint for better pose-ability.
  • Kre-O pieces will also work with Lego building blocks and characters, so kids who already own Lego sets can customize their Sentinel Prime Transformer or use the pieces to add to other Lego creations.
  • There are lots of pieces, and that means the potential for a few lost pieces. Parents should make sure that their kids keep all the pieces together in a container, when the Transformer is not fully assembled.

Some adult help may be needed, particularly by younger kids. Of course, most parents won’t have any issues spending time with their kids to construct such a fun toy. Just make sure that you follow the detailed directions carefully for the best results.

Kre-O Sentinel Prime Fire Truck Review Conclusion

Fans of the Transformers and Lego fanatics are sure to get a kick out of the Kre-O Transformers Sentinel Prime Construction Set. It’s not exactly a Lego set, but it’s pretty darned close, and kids will have so much fun building this cool character that they won’t care whether it’s Lego or Kre-O – they’ll just know that they’re having a blast working on it.

Where to buy Kreo Sentinel Prime Transformer

You can buy Kreo Sentinel Prime Transformer Here and get free shipping. Kids will love building and displaying their Kreo set, and parents get long lasting value for their money.

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