Lazer Stunt Chaser Review

Lazer Stunt Chaser Review | Lazer Stunt Chaser Flameout-Dragonfire Vehicles by Thinkway Toys

Using an infrared light to guide it, the new Lazer Stunt Chaser Flameout and Dragonfire Vehicles by Thinkway Toys are remote control Lazer Stunt Chaser Reviewin a whole new way. These stunt cars follow a laser light projected from an infrared remote, that looks like a laser shooter.

Stunt Chasers move in every direction, doing full flips, spinning, and going forward or backwards. Lazer Stunt cars are also double sided, and can handle a range of about 40 feet. There are 2 channels, so kids can play side by side with different vehicles. Simply move the RC light, and the stunt car follows, it’s designed for crazy stunts.

Colors: Lazer Stunt Chaser Dragonfire is a red/green car and Lazer Stunt Chaser Flameout is a Blue/Black Car

Lazer Stunt Chaser Laser Light Shooter

For kids, the idea of a lazer light pointer guiding the stunt cars puts a new spin on remote control toys. The cars have light up wheels, that change color when the cars flip, and steer by following the red light.

As a parent, you may have heard that laser lights can be dangerous. Well, you would be right. The Lazer Stunt Chaser vehicles have infrared lights, not real laser lights. They are safely used by kids.

lazer stunt chaser vehicle review

Light Up Lazer Stunt Cars

Now, the effects are awesome in the dark, but the truth is, most kids will use their Lazer Stunt Chaser toys in the daytime. So, although they won’t enjoy the light up quite as much (unless you keep your house really dark), these little stunt cars still have alot going for them.

Lazer Stunt Chaser -How Fast?

Wondering how fast Lazer Stunt Chaser cars go? These little cars on a 1:32 scale can move at 300 mph, which means they can get to maximum speeds of about 10 mph. Not the fastest RC car available, but certainly a great speed for a toy.

Lazer Stunt Chaser Review Video

Lazer Stunt Chaser Movement Video

Lazer Stunt Chaser Remote Control Modes

The Lazer Stunt Chaser remote works in regular, infrared, and turbo mode. Here is a breakdown of what that means to you;

Remote regular mode for close play

Remote Infrared Mode for longer distances

Remote Turbo Power Mode for advanced stunts

Lazer Stunt Chaser Ramps

To start you off, the cars come with a 3-in-1 ramp for stunts, that you can use for jumps, climbing, and flips. Launch off of the ramp, and no matter how you land, you’ll keep moving.

You can design your own ramps too, or purchase the add-on units sold separately by Thinkway toys, such as turbo jump or cyclone force. Just remember, these stunt cars are designed for indoor use.

Lazer Stunt Chaser Vehicle Features

  • 2 channels for side by side racing
  • Each side is a different color
  • Full 360 degree flips
  • Wheels light up and change color when the car flips
  • Cars have twin motors for speed, controlled by a microprocessor
  • Initial charge time ~ 30 minutes
  • Play time with Charge ~ Up to 20 minutes
  • Add-on Ramps available
  • Takes 8 AA Batteries (not included) 6 for vehicle and 2 for remote
  • Remote works in Regular, Infrared, and Turbo Mode
  • Whats included; Lazer stunt chaser vehicle and remote, Charging unit (requires 6 AA batteries), stunt ramp and instruction guide
  • Ages 4 and up

 Buy Laser Stunt Chaser Vehicles

Overall this looks to be a great idea for RC toys for the holiday shopping season. Kids (and adults) are going to love the looks of these. You can buy the Laser Stunt Chaser Dragonfire (red) or Laser Stunt Chaser Flameout (blue) with free shipping available now.


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