Leapfrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game System Review

Play and Learning with LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Game System

Leapfrog explorer handheld pink          As a parent, you would only want the best for your child. That’s why many parents today are very careful and selective when it comes to picking out toys for their kids. Where can you find one that has both a fun factor and an educational value?

          Good thing there’s LeapFrog Leapster Explorer, a handheld gaming system that’s both exciting and educational–a perfect toy for your little one.

Teach and entertain with the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Handheld Game System

          Ideal for kids aged four to nine years old, the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer combines the wonders of e-books, games, videos and lots more in one handheld gadget. Its user-friendly graphic interface and various modes of interaction–buttons, tethered stylus and touch screen allows for an interactive experience for your young one.

          The LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game System comes loaded with age-appropriate educational games that enable your kids to practice their skills, ranging from reading and writing to math and sciences. Learning has never been this fun especially since LeapFrog Leapster Explorer does it so well by making sure that kids not only learn, but they also have fun at the same time.

  leapfrog leapster explorer digital game        And some more good news for parents is that the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Came System comes with a Leaplet download that gives you the option to select games and activities from its extensive online collection. This is to ensure that you will have new games and fun challenges for the kids so that they’ll never get tired of playing.

          The downloadable games are skill-specific and learning-driven. There are scholastic activities such as basic games on math, writing, spelling and reading. You can also choose games that focus on geography, science and life skills. At the same time, you can also encourage your child to enhance his creativity by installing games that feature art, music and imaginative play.

          Aside from being interactive, the Explorer is multimedia-savvy as well. Children can easily take pictures, do fun video projects and explore other creative activities with the gadget’s camera and video recording facilities.

Chart Your Child’s Success

          The Explorer is not only helpful for the kids, but for parents as well. If you’re the type who’s very much hands on with yourleapster explorer handheld green child’s skill development, then you will surely like the Explorer’s parent account, which instantly shows your child’s learning progress. This tracking feature sends parents updates on the child’s weak and strong points as well as an analysis of their child’s passions and preferences. Having this kind of tracking system can help parents learn more about their child. 

The Cons of Leapfrog Leapster Explorer

          – Games for Explorer are not compatible with other Leapfrog game versions.

          – Durability might be a problem, especially for the younger ones.

Should you Buy Leapfrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game System

          Learning should be fun, especially when you want to reach out to the younger ones. Give them a toy that would not only give them enjoyment, but stimulate their minds at well.

You can See the Leapfrog Leapster Explorer Handheld Green Here

Leapfrog Explorer Handheld Pink Here

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