Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop Review

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop: The Ring of Champions

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball HoopFor those looking for the perfect basketball hoop set to help them hone their balling skills and stay active, it is important that the set you choose meets and is able to adjust to your unique needs as a basketball player.

Although the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Hoop offers a great price of around $100 for a high quality hoop, it is not perfect.  But, if finding the ideal price for a basketball hoop that will last matters, the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop may be just what you need.

Versatile and completely adjustable, this basketball hoop by Lifetime is the perfect tool for basketball training for athletes or kids who want to set up a convenient backyard or driveway court thats ready in hours.

Features of the Lifetime 1221 Basketball Goal

  • Portable basketball hoop on wheels with height adjustment
  • Goes from 7.5 feet to 10 feet, moves in 6″ increments
  • Backboard is 44″ impact board
  • 3 piece powder coated steel pole
  • Classic 18″ rim and nylon 50g all weather net
  • Stable base due to 27 gallon base ~ ideal for windy conditions
  • Withstands 40 mph winds when properly filled
  • Fill base with water or dry sand

The Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop At-A-Glance

Just being looking at its impressive list of features, one can easily tell that the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop was built for the serious basketball athlete or enthusiast. Equipped with a nifty height-adjustment mechanism, the Lifetime 1221 can accommodate 7.5 to 10 feet of length in increments of 6 inches, allowing it to fit the needs of players of varying heights.

This is due to the unique telescoping system featured in the set. The Lifetime 1221 also comes with a 27-gallon base that you can filllifetime 121 basketball system with sand or water so that you can seamlessly transport it to your desired area. But once full, it is heavy, and even with a wheeled base, it will take some strength.

The quality of the Lifetime 1221 has also been well taken care of, as its material is UV-resistant and made of high-density polyethylene, which ensures the user that it is not likely to crack under extreme weather conditions. It also preserves the design of the hoop and the entire set so that it looks colorful, vibrant and brand-new for years.

With such extraordinary features, it is clear that the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop is designed for the casual basketball player, but would also make a great tool for aspiring professional basketball players who would like a versatile ball hoop that they can practice with and adjust to.

Things to consider before you Purchase The Lifetime 1221 Ball Hoop

As with everything you buy, you must weight the good and bad. Although the Lifetime portable basketball system offers great features, it is not perfect. Here is a review of the downsides.

Although this hoop is fully adjustable, it is not super easy to do so. It would require either moving it forward or using a ladder to get high enough. If you have young children who will be growing with this, you may prefer something easier to adjust. But, if you will only be adjusting it yearly or less, you can’t beat the quality and price.

Assembly and Assembly Instructions-Lifetime Portable Hoop 1221

Like most quality standing basketball hoops for the yard, you have to assemble this one. It is not super hard, but, you have to use ‘tools’. Now, the truth is, this really scares some people. Expect about 1 hour to assemble,you should have 2 people, and you will need a wrench, pliers, a rubber mallet and a screwdriver. See the full assembly instructions for the Lifetime 1221 basketball hoop Here to know if it will work for you.

For the cost, this is a nice basketball goal, and buyers happily rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Here is a buyer review of the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop

I purchased this backboard for my 7 year old son and he loves it. The instructions for putting it together weren’t that great but between my wife and I we managed to complete the task in about 1 hour. I payed under $100 for this from Amazon and saw the exact same model at Toys R Us for $179 so for the money and the quality of the product, it was an excellent value. Just take care when you fill it with sand or water because it becomes incredibly heavy and difficult to move. However, this is a good feature especially if you live in an area that gets windstorms like here in Buffalo. The only feature that I wish this backboard had is the ability to fold down because once this backboard is set up, it’s not going anywhere unless you dismantle it.

Built for Backyard Fun for Years to Come

Ultimately, given all these impressive specs and capabilities, the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop is an ideal present for a young athlete or even a middle-aged one who is keen to improve or maintain his basketball skills. If you know someone who plays basketball competitively, this would be an ideal present to give. Well-attuned to the needs of the basketball player, the Lifetime 1221 ensures that every practice matters and that the player is able to hone every skill that he wants.

The same cannot be said of other similar products, and so it is safe to say that the Lifetime 1221 is probably one of the top choices for basketball training. Whether you are training for a casual league or a serious competition, the Lifetime 1221 can help you get ready and gear up for an awesome game. With the Lifetime 1221, you don’t have to worry about not getting the most out of practice—with proven versatility, quality and make, you can be sure that the Lifetime 1221 is everything  you need and more when it comes to your love of basketball.

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