Mattel Mindflex Game Review

Mattel Mindflex Game Review: Let the Brain Games Begin

Mattel Mindflex Game Review Looking for a unique gift this Yuletide season? Then why not give one that will surely capture the kid’s imagination?

Introducing Mindflex–a game that relies on the power of your mind. Using a headset attached to their heads, players will have to levitate a foam ball simply through their brain. Interesting, don’t you think?

Mattel Mindflex Game Review: Get Your Brain Game On

If you’re tired of the usual games that rely on luck or physical strength, then it’s time that you take on the mental challenge of Mindflex.  Using state-of-the-art technology, Mindflex harnesses the power of your mind in order to do things you wouldn’t normally be able to do–like make a ball float in thin air without any help from your hands.

According to a Mattel Mindflex Game Review, players of Mindflex usually feel like a character out of a science fiction movie. Here’s how you play the game:

Simply strap on the headset and connect the clips to your ear lobes. Then you must make sure that the metal forehead sensor is aligned to your left eyebrow. Go directly in front of the game console.

The game is all about learning how to focus and relax the mind in order to control the ball’s rising and falling. Before the start ofMindfllex game by Mattel any game, Mindflex players are advised to read through the toy’s action manual, which provides mental tricks and exercises that will help one prepare for the game. It’s all about concentration and relaxation, as one Mattel Mindflex Game Review said.

Once you’ve gone through the visualization and practice mental exercises, then it’s time to take on the Mindflex challenge. Test your mental acuity with Mindflex’s five challenging yet fun games. Select a game then input your preferred difficulty level. Prepare for tests such as hoops, hurdles and funnels that are situated on the game console. The fun part comes when you have to go through the mazes and mind-bending obstacle courses simply through the power of your mind. Navigate your way through the obstaces and have fun scoring points.

Points may be checked using the game console. You can choose to do it alone or play with your friends by forming a team of up to four players.

Mindflex Game Video Review

The mind-bending disadvantages of Mindflex

Although Mindflex is an interesting and enjoyable game, a Mattel Mindflex Game Review notes some drawbacks, which may have discouraged other players from trying out this game.

For one thing, the game’s concept can be quite difficult to grasp. As stated in one Mattel Mindflex Game Review, the game can be quite intriguing, but the problem here lies with mastery. Being a mental game, Mindflex requires practice and patience, which can sometimes take the fun out of the game.

Should you buy the Mattel Mindflex Game?

Kids who enjoy maze games will surely have fun playing with Mindflex. However, not everyone will appreciate the mental challenge. But then again, what’s wrong with trying out something different for a change?

You can find out more about the Mattel Mindfex Game Here.

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