Mechatars Robots Review

Mechatars Robots Review | Mechatars Robots Toys | Mechatars Kodar, Wrexx, & Alpha Battling Robots

Kids who love to play computer games and with remote control toys will get the best of both worlds with Mechatars Robots Toys. These toys represent the latest in virtual reality crossing over into the real world. There is a video game that features the robots as the heroes, fighting to save the galaxy.

And as kids progress in the video game, their remote controlled Mechatars Robots learn new behaviors, get better at certain tasks and even show physical differences, like more lights powering up. Just by uploading your level onto the Mechatar Robot, your robot takes on your Mechatar game level.

Mechatars Robots Review

If you think that seeing one remote control toy is akin to seeing them all, you’re in for a real eye-opener when your kids start to play with these RC/Virtual reality robots…

The Mechatars toy robots can be used to roll around the house and do all kinds of fun, little tasks, but the real fun kicks in when there are more than one of them. Not only do the Mechatars Robots fight evil in the game, but they can battle against each other in the real world.

Your child will be in total control of every moment, as they battle against other robots here in the real world. And when they progress in the game, their robots actually evolve into better warriors when they are battling it out via remote control.

Mechatars Robots Review of Features

  • Futuristic looking remote controlled robots.
  • They can be used on their own, to battle against other robots or in fun mission mode.
  • Kids play the online, virtual game for free at
  • The set includes a robot (available in different colors), remote control, USB cable and a $5 Mechra card to make purchases online.
  • The robot choices include Kodar (blue), Wrexx (red), & Alpha (green).
  • The Mechatar Robot Remote Control features forward, turn as well as battle, drive, and mission mode. There is also a weapon mode.
  • Age: 6 – 11 years
  • Batteries: 7 AAA batteries required.

Mechatars Robots Video Review

Mechatars Robot Toy Overview

Kids these days love to play video games, but they need to actually interact with physical toys as well. The Mechatars Robot Toys blend the two types of play seamlessly. And Mechatars Robots Remotesince data from the game transfers to increased abilities for the robot, children will enjoy actually playing with the mechanical warriors as they evolve. As long as parents are cognizant to keep kids from spending too much time with the online features, they should be happy to watch kids immerse themselves into the world of their Mechatars Robots, as they become more advanced and able to take on more tasks.

The craze with toys these days is to make them all more interactive. Not many of the latest/greatest virtual toys manage to balance online fun with real world play time. Thankfully, though, the makers of the Mechatars Robots have not only managed to balance the two, but they’ve come pretty darned close to perfecting the marriage of online game play and real life, physical toys.

Where to buy Mechatars Robot Toys

You can buy Mechatars Robot Toys Here and get Free Shipping on these fun robot interactive toys that make great gifts.

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