Mindflex Duel Game Review | Mindflex for Two Players

Mindflex Duel Game Review | Mindflex for Two Players

The new Mindflex Duel Game for two players allows you and a partner to battle using the power of your minds. Just like the popular 2010 version of Mindflex, Mindflex Duel offers you the chance to play and see who has the highest level of concentration and brain power to lift and move a ball.

Mindflex Duel Game Review 2 playerYour goal in duel mode is to have the power to move the ball into your opponents territory and end zone for a win. There are 6 different game modes also to mix it up and to keep you entertained, and Mindflex Duel has one or two player options.

How Does Mindflex Duel Work

With mindflex, you wear a headset that is reading your brainwaves. When you concentrate, your brain waves increase and you control the ball, but when you relax, you’ll lose that control. There is no magic to the ball rising. Your headset has a fan included, which spins more as it records more brainwaves. So, the more you concentrate, the more your fan spins, and your ball moves.

Features of the Mindflex Duel Game

  • 2 Adjustable Headsets included to record brainwaves
  • Single or Duel Play
  • Obstacle couse challanges for single mode play
  • 6 Game Options: Freestyle, Mental Marathon 2.0, Power Push,
    Race The Lights, Basket Blaster, Cortex Collison
  • For Players 8 and over
  • 4 C  for console and 3 AAA  batteries (per headset) – Not Included

Mindflex Duel Game Commercial

Mindflex Duel Game Options

Freestyle –  For 1 Player – Navigate the obstacle course with no time frame.

Mental Marathon – For 1 or 2 players – Race through an obstacle course start to finish to win.

Power Push – For 1 or 2 players – One on one play, move the ball into opponents end zone to win.

Race the Lights – For 1 or 2 players – Race the blinking light from one side to the other.

Basket Blaster – For 1 or 2 players- Get the ball into a basket as many times as you can.

Cortex Collision – Push your ball into your opponents end zone by concentrating and building up your power for one big push.

Whats included with Mindflex Duel Game

In the Mindflex box, you get;

1 Console
2 Headsets
4 Balls
1 Flex Tower (3 Rings)
1 Verti-Wheel
1 Tilt-a-Wall
1 Flip Frame
1 Cannon
1 Basket
1 Instruction Booklet

Buy Mindflex Duel Game

You can buy Mindflex Duel Game Here and get free shipping. Now if we could only get our mind to move other things for us, like the vacuum, lawn mower, and maybe even take the kids to practice. Well, you never know!

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