Mobigo Cars Game Cartridge

mobigo cars game cartridge

Lightning McQueen and Mater are Back in the Vtech Mobigo Cars Game

Disney’s Cars is back, and the Mobigo Cars game cartidge is both educational and fun for kids from 3 to 7. The game features Lightning McQueen and Mater, 2 of the original movie favorites.

So if you have boys or girls who love the movie, along with a Mobigo Learning System by Vtech, then this game may be right for you.

The Mobigo cars game cartridge includes a total of 5 different games, each allowing your child to conquer a level and move up. The games are based on “Maters Tall Tales” and your child has to decide if Mater is telling a tale or telling the truth. He may say he was a daredevil car jumper or a matador.

To find out if this is a tale or the truth, the kids need to maneurver  thorugh the games. Not only will this be fun, but they will have to work too. These games teach kids their colors, they use matching skills, vocabulary, as well as numbers and counting.

The great thing is, it is all used in a fun and challanging way to make children want to learn and to make it fun to challange themselves.

The Cars Software can be used with the Vtech Mobigo Handheld Touch Screen Game System. This kids computer by Vtech has a touch screen, full QWERTY keyboard and online game access too. The Vtech Mobigo allows them to feel all grown up, just like mom and dad. And, although we don’t want them to grow up, you know they do. Mobigo allows them to be better prepared for the journey.

You can see the Mobigo Cars Game cartridge offered with free shipping.

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