Mobigo Dora the Explorer Game Cartridge

Mobigo Dora Game

The Mobigo Dora the Explorer Game Cartridge is great fun for kids who love Dora. Not only is the Mobigo handheld gaming system fun and educational, the games with characters like Dora are ones kids love. The are even more excited to play a game when they love who’s in it! So, it makes learning easier for them and for mom and dad too.

The Mobigo Touch Screen video system includes all the favorites in this game, your kids will find Dora, Boots, and even Dora’s puppy Perrito. The game is based around ‘Twins Day’, and Dora and the gang are out to find puppy Perrito’s twin brother.

Along the way, your child will learn and use colors, shapes, beginning letters, counting, matching, and of course, there is some basic Spanish word lessons, just like Dora would do on TV. The game includes five seperate games, and they can work at their own pace and level.

They get to help Perrito the puppy, and have fun with the excellent graphic’s quality of the Mobigo touch screen. They can use the touch screen, arrow buttons, or the keyboard for their answers.

The keyboard is not required, which is important because this game is perfect for younger kids, who simply don’t have those skills yet.

Being that Dora the explorer appeals to younger children, the lessons are all more appropriate for kids in preschool to kindergarten. They can learn or strenghten their existing skills, while using touch screen technology.

To find out more or buy the Mobigo Dora the Explorer Game Cartridge, Visit HERE.

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