MobiGo Power Cord – 9 Volt AC Wall Adapter

Mobigo Power Cord and Mobigo Car Charger

If you own or are buying the MobiGo learning system, then you need the Mobigo Power Cord, which is a 9-volt Adapter, to go along with it. This AC wall adapter will simply save you from buying endless batteries while playing the games with the game system. So, if the kids are able to stay in one place and play awhile, this is perfect to save on battery life. When they need to be out and about, the batteries will kick in. 

 The Mobigo power cord adapter includes a universal plug and single jack. A nice feature is that it can provide power to some other VTech toys that are AC-adaptable as well. So, if you happen to have a V Smile or V Motion TV Learning System, it will adapt to those also.

You can also purchase the 9 volt AC wall adapter with a car charger, it comes in a few bundles with other accessories, you can see them all to the right with current pricing. 

Basic features of the MobiGo 9-volt Adapter

  • Use with MobiGo and VTech electronic toys, such as V Smile or V Motion
  • Converts 120 volts AC to 9 volts DC
  • Includes four-way universal plug

If you want to save on batteries, it’s a great accessory to own. Simple as that. You can find the Mobigo Power Cord Here with free shipping.

Mobigo Car Charger

On the go power for the Mobigo, plug into the lighter for convenience while traveling.

Features of the Mobigo Car Charger:

  • Take learning on the go with the MobiGo Touch Learning System Car Charger from Vtech
  • Converts 12V/24V DC to 9V DC
  • Portable power supply plugs into your car
  • Works with both MobiGo and V.Reader systems
  • 6′ long cord

Also available in bundles, You can see the Mobigo Travel Charger Here.

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