Mobigo Reviews-Vtech Touch Handheld Review

Vtech Touch Mobigo Review

The Mobigo Touch Handheld learning system is a new kids computer by Vtech. It is a toy that appeals to kids from 3 to 8, and makes them feel all grown up. It has many great design features that children love and the Mobigo by Vtech is equipped with a touch screen, a full QWERTY keyboard that slides out, and optional games with characters like Disney Princesses’, Toy Story 3, and Super Hero Squad.

The Mobigo Touch computer retails for about $60. The retail price is less than that of it’s competitors, the Fisher Price IXL and the Leapster Explorer. To see where they differ, visit our tables, where we point out the differences.

Mobigo vs Leapster Explorer or Vtech Mobigo vs IXL

The touch learning system is not just about using current technology. It is also educational. Not only are the games fun, but they are designed to teach children skills from colors and shapes, to math and critical thinking. Kids can also improve fine motor and reasoning skills by using these systems, as well as learning how to follow directions to get a desired response.

See the Mobigo Touch Handheld Video Below to find out More


Out of the Box Software

The Mobigo Touch arrives with 6 fun games, each with 2 levels, and is available to please both boys and girls. Of course, the computer itself does this too, being available in pink/purple and blue/orange. The games that come with the Mobigo are ‘generic’ in nature, and designed to challange your child as they progress by having a beginner and advanced level.

In order to play more games, kids can go online to download directly to the Mobigo via the USB for free, or game cartridges can be purchased. One thing to be aware of, the storage capacity of the Mobigo is next to nothing, with no SD card option. So, downloadable games will be minimal. You will need to buy game cartridges below.

Free Online Games

Mobigo is offering free games online with the system. These will not be big name games, more generic in nature. The biggest problem with the free option is the small memory available on the Mobigo for those games. Only 2 or 3 games can be saved to the system at a time, and the Mobigo touch does not offer an option for additional storage at this time.

But, the games available to buy are reasonably priced, averaging less than $20, and each contains about 6 different games. Vtech has also done a good job with targeting boys and girls seperately with the game cartidges.

Mobigo Progress Tracker 

The Vtech website includes a Progress Trackerapplication to see how your children are progressing with their Mobigo touch.

Scores and other info will need to be uploaded, then reports can be produced to see where your child is improving and where he still needs help. Skills that need some additional attention are noted, along with special ‘extras’ as incentives for your child to work harder and achieve goals.

Here is a complete list of Mobigo Games/Software Cartridge titles available now or for pre-order;  

  • Mobigo Toy Story 3 game cartridge
  • Mobigo Cars game Cartridge
  • Mobigo Disney Princess Software Cartridge
  • Mobigo Dora game cartridge
  • Mobigo Super Hero Squad game
  • Mobigo Fairies/Tinkerbell Cartridge
  • Mobigo Mickey Mouse software
  • Mobigo Shrek 4 software
  • Mobigo Mr. Men/Little Miss game cartridge
  • Mobigo Nascar game software
  • Mobigo Ben 10 game

Nice selection of games, all of which appeal to the 3-8 year old age group the touch system is intended for.

  Vtech Review of the Mobigo Touch Learning System

The Vtech Mobigo Touch is high technology for young kids, with its included touch screen and full slide out keyboard. And technology for kids is a good thing, since they are explosed to you at such a young age and will use it all their lives.

Mobigo Review~ Pros 

  • Great Design for kids, who love technology
  • Nice size for their little hands
  • Nice screen size & graphics – LCD resolution is 320×240
  • LCD screen takes 4 modes of input; tap, drag, spin & flick
  • Kids can learn colors, math, letters, shapes, and enjoy the games
  • QWERTY Keyboard  for exposure but touch-screen is alternative
  • Tough exterior, will withstand abuse
  • Large buttons around the screen; enter and directional (up/down/right/left).
  • Includes a help button to ask for instructions
  • Includes a cartridge for play from day 1
  • Buy more game cartridges for $15-$25
  • Games are fun
  • Software for ages 3-8, with beginner, advanced level.
  • Limited online free games, download from Vtech website
  • Online progress tracker for parents to see how their kids advance. Registration on the Vtech site required.
  • Uses batteries or power cord

The Mobigo has lots of good qualities, but it is not perfect. Here are some features we did not love about this game system.

Mobigo Review~ Cons 

  • Many of the games are designed for younger kids, such as Dora and Disney Princesses
  • You do not get a case of charger with the unit
  • Opening the unit can be a challenge for little ones
  • No stylus, so no ‘writing’ for kids
  • Case and charger sold separately
  • Very limited memory and no expansion slot, so can’t hold many games to memory
  • Screen does not include a cover

Using an AC Adapter with the Mobigo System-What to use?

Vtech sell an AC adapter for the system. This is a great way to save on battery drain when home. If you have other Vtech toys, the ac adapter may work-try that first. If not you can see the Mobigo AC adapter Power Cord Here. You can also purchase in bundles with other accessories.

Which Batteries does the Mobigo Game System Take?

The Mobigo game system requires 4 AA  batteries, and you can use rechargeable.

Is there a Mobigo Car Charger available?

Yes, you can purchase a car charger for travel also. Again, this is interchangeable with other Vtech Toys. You can see the Mobigo Car Charger Here.

Buyer review by V. King

“We have had our VTech MobiGo for 5 days now and it has been played with for hours each day. Both my 4 year old and 7 year old enjoy playing with it. We have had to set an egg timer so they can take turns. They are having so much fun they don’t even realize they are learning. My biggest problem with it is there is only one in my house (which is soon to change)! VTech has hit the mark with this toy!!!”

You Can Read Mobigo Reviews on Amazon Here

Overall, the Mobigo Touch Learning system is a nice system with one of the lowest prices on the market. It acts as an educational gaming system, and appeals to all ranges with games at varied levels. It does come with a free game, and more free games are available on their website.

Kids love the touch screen and keyboard, making them feel grown up. And they can develop skills by using this technology, as well as learn many skills from the games. Overall, a great value for the money.

See the Mobigo Learning System Pink Here

See the Mobigo Leaning System Blue Here

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