Mobigo Super Hero Squad Game

Mobigo Super Hero Squad Game Cartridge

The Mobigo handheld learning system released the Super Hero Squad Game Cartridge. This new software is a great idea for the boys. It features all the famous Marvel Super Heroes. The list includes Silver Surfer, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Wolverine and even Hawkeye.

That list will thrill most of the little superheros out there, and the Mobigo touch screen lets them get in on the action. Being that the system has great graphics, boys will feel like they are there.

There are 6 games in the Super Hero Squad Cartridge, including weightlifting, surfing, hammer toss, hockey, archery and basketball. Each game has 2 levels, so he can work to beat his best.

Not only will he enjoy sports with super hero’s, but the software is educational too. The games help him to learn shapes, colors, vocabulary, numbers, matching, and spelling. He can use the Mobigo touch screen, the arrow keys, or even the slide out QWERTY keyboard to control the action.

The game revolves around Dr. Doom’s army of villains. Those bad guys are trying to get a sword that willl put an end to Super Hero City. The only way to save the city is for the super heros to challange the villains to sports competitions.

The learn as they compete, making it much more fun, and without having to work at it. They are rewarded as they complete levels.

All the way around, the Mobigo Super Hero Squad Game Cartridge a great game for the boys in your life! You can see Hero Squad with Free Shipping Here.

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