Vtech Mobigo Toy Story 3 Cartridge

Mobigo Toy Story 3 Game

The Vtech Mobigo Toy Story 3 Cartridge has been released, a new game for the Vtech Mobigo handheld game system. The Toy Story game cartridge features 6 interactive games, with 2 seperate levels. When they conquer one level, they are asked if they would like to advance to the next. They are also congratulated by the software for all their hard work!

With the Vtech Mobigo Toy Story software, all their favorite characters are included. It is based on Toy Story 3, and Andy is off to college. Your kids get to play the characters, and decide how the toys move through.  They can be Woody, Buzz Lightyear, the three Aliens, Slinky Dog, Rex or even Hammy. All the while, they solve problems using math, letter ordering, rhyming, counting, and size differentiation, so they are learning as they move through the game.

The software cartridge features the Toy Story voices of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the Aliens too. Although the Toy Story 3 game is for kids 3-7, some of the games may be too hard for kids under 5. But, it allows them to challange themselves, and their are 2 levels to each game.

Kids can use the Mobigo touch screen for the games, the arrow keys, or even the QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard is not a requirement though, as young children would struggle to use it.

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