My Baby Alive Doll Review

Baby Alive My Baby Alive Review | My Baby Alive Blond & Brunette Baby Doll by Hasbro

If you have a little girl who wants to be a mommy, and you’d like to nurture that side of her, the My Baby Alive Baby Doll allows her to enjoy the experience. She is a talking and interactive doll that eats, drinks, wets, and poops just like a real baby.

Baby Alive My Baby Alive Review

With a full head of curly hair, and speaking in full phrases, she may not have everything in common with the real thing. But with her large size, soft voice, and eyes that open and close, she offers many features to make girls happy.

Feeding My Baby Alive Doll

The doll comes with 2 food packets girls will know she is hungry when she tells them. They can then prepare her doll food (it mixes with water and thickens) and spoon feed it to her, with the spoon provided. She will make eating noises as she gobbles up the food.

While she is eating, she washes it down with a bottle of real water, which serves to also clean the doll inside to keep her fresh. You will hear her sucking as she drinks the bottle.

Remember that only 2 packets of food come with the doll, you can buy additional food & diapers for My Baby Alive Here.

Changing Diapers of My Baby Alive Baby Doll

After meal time, she will be ready for a diaper change. She may say ‘I made a stinky.’ For some parents, this will involve assisting your child. But, if you don’t feed your baby real food, she will not need to go. She can pretend feed her also.

To change the babies diaper, she will need to remove it and wipe the babies bottom clean. She can then put on a fresh new diaper. Be aware that 2 diapers come with the baby, you will need to buy replacements or get creative with some cloth and velcro!

Parents – Your Turn After Feeding the My Baby Alive Baby Doll

You will need to make sure no food is left in the baby doll. You can give her a few bottles of water with no food over a sink to make sure she is clean. If your daughter is old enough, she can also do this.

Funny, I remember this same ‘high technology’ about 30 years ago….I guess some things never change!

My Baby Alive Sleeping

After the excitement of food and going potty comes bed time. My Baby Alive may tell you she’s sleepy, and your daughter can rock her to sleep while she closes her eyes. If she sits her up, she will awaken again.

My Baby Alive Video Review

My Baby Alive Talking Doll Features

  • Press her special bracelet and she talks to you
  • She has a vocabulary of 30 phrases & speaks clearly
  • She eats, drinks and goes to the bathroom
  • Girls get to make her food
  • She sleeps and wakes up again if you sit her up
  • My Baby Alive comes with 2 diapers, 2 food packets, a spoon, a bowl and a bottle
  • She has an On/Off switch
  • She is 16 inches long
  • Requires 2 AA Batteries (Included)
  • Ages 3 & Up

My Baby Alive Overview

Although we may not understand it as adults, it is important to young girls to care for a baby. Adding the food and potty aspect makes it more fun for them, and more work for us. If you buy My Baby Alive, be prepared to help with diaper changes and clean up of the doll.

Also, you will need additional food and diapers right away, because two of each won’t go very far. Additionally, she is large for a doll at 16″, so be certain the size is right for your daughter.

Where to Buy My Baby Alive Doll

You can buy My Baby Alive Doll Blond & My Baby Alive Doll Brunette and get free shipping. For little girls, this doll can be a great gift idea.



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